717-547 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 717-547-0341
  • 717-547-0342
  • 717-547-0343
  • 717-547-0344
  • 717-547-0345
  • 717-547-0346
  • 717-547-0347
  • 717-547-0348
  • 717-547-0349
  • 717-547-0350
  • 717-547-0351
  • 717-547-0352
  • 717-547-0353
  • 717-547-0354
  • 717-547-0355
  • 717-547-0356
  • 717-547-0357
  • 717-547-0358
  • 717-547-0359
  • 717-547-0360
  • 717-547-0361
  • 717-547-0362
  • 717-547-0363
  • 717-547-0364
  • 717-547-0365
  • 717-547-0366
  • 717-547-0367
  • 717-547-0368
  • 717-547-0369
  • 717-547-0370
  • 717-547-0371

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    1. Augustus says:

      This number has called me several times but never leaves a message. When calling back you hear a pre-recorded message that the phone has been disconnected. SPAM at it's worse.

    2. Blake says:


    3. Josue says:

      Receive calls from this number and they do not leave a message or a name.

    4. Paul says:

      Kept getting calls, in an attempt to finally put an end to the phone calls, I answered & got a recording. The recording asked for a specific person that I didn't know & does not reside at my residence. Recording said Press "2" if it's the wrong number. I did & this obnoxious guy asked, "Ronald?", I said "no, you have the wrong number". He said, "Well, you have no business in Ronald ____ affairs, do you?" Ugh!! Needless to say this guy got an earful & was assured my number will be removed from their records!

    5. Nigel says:

      Same situation as above, except they claimed to be with the State of Oregon Business Development Office as well as the Oregon Chamber of Commerce. Told her she was a fraud, especially since we haven't moved since 1965, weren't planning to, and we had caller ID. She hung up as I told her not to call back again.

    6. Kendall says:

      Well if they are so honest then I would like the money the took out of my account after I canceled with them.  I shouldn't have been charged for doing that for what I know.  So if you could let them know that jerry_m_66442@yahoo.com could be emailed the directions in which he could get his money back that would be greatful.

    7. Cary says:

      I don't know who these people represent and won't say on their messages, calls constantly on behald of jack with a lawfirm

    8. Dana says:

      I don't want to text her.

    9. Wade says:

      More information please. Your comment is too vague. What was the call about? did it involve sending someone money? If it did, forget about it.

    10. Duane says:

      No message. Don't recognize this number.

    11. Scot says:

      they will not stop calling!!!

    12. Anderson says:

      Did not Leave message, however calls several times a day

    13. Cedric says:

      I just got a call from one of these guys too, and they actually answer the phone.  Can something not be done about this?  Won't any agency follow up on it???

    14. Herb says:

      I refuse to answer and they did not leave a message

    15. Norris says:

      Received a single ring, called back, asked to press 1 if I wanted to be placed on their do not call list. Number reported to AG for illegal recorded marketing in my state.