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    1. Cedric says:

      Two calls until now during the night to my cell phone

    2. Max says:

      I got the same type of call from an accented man.  He claimed to be from my internet provider. He warns me that my computer was severely infected by virus...and error messages and she could get it to run properly.  I told him that if he were really working for my internet provider He would speak to me in French as I live in Montreal.  I just hung up on him. SCAM

    3. Phillip says:

      You are being sent to the harassment police line

    4. Eugenio says:

      he's a child molester and a pervert

    5. Ellsworth says:

      the only way i see they could have gotten this number is through me searching for employment and replying to a post on craigslist. Good thing for me Its only my Google Voice number so i will go ahead and block it now!! thank you for having this website.

    6. Derick says:

      met him through match.com went on one date. i told him we were not a good match and he started harrassing me. calling me a hooker. he lives in LaCrescenta on mayfield ave.

    7. Ivory says:

      got a text message from this number (credit union of America) saying my card has been deactivated. I am to call this number to reactivate the card. I don't have a card from credit union of America also no card with number 4115. this is a scam don't return the call

    8. Miles says:

      yes! wow I received a call about a job a applied for a year ago just started my position as armored car guard at first I was skeptical but my program manager was amazing and helped me with every detail obtaining my credential to work as an armored guard. Ive been trying to contact her to thank her and cant find her with this number. Well thank you Ms. Kay maybe you'll see this one day.

    9. Antone says:

      This call is for individuals to receive a free phone but they want you to place a yard sign in the front yard to advertise the service.

    10. Palmer says:

      'Education advisors'??? Pre recorded message.

    11. Lyndon says:

      Cash flow opportunity. Spam!!!!

    12. Otha says:

      They keep on calling and never left a message ,,Its annoying

    13. Garry says:

      Prank calls, hangs up without saying anything! Obviously lonely?

    14. Herbert says:

      I got it too.  Reverse look-up yields platnuim auto finance

    15. Nolan says:

      this caller calls and hangs up!