716-490 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 716-490-6882
  • 716-490-6883
  • 716-490-6884
  • 716-490-6885
  • 716-490-6886
  • 716-490-6887
  • 716-490-6888
  • 716-490-6889
  • 716-490-6890
  • 716-490-6891
  • 716-490-6892
  • 716-490-6893
  • 716-490-6894
  • 716-490-6895
  • 716-490-6896
  • 716-490-6897
  • 716-490-6898
  • 716-490-6899
  • 716-490-6900
  • 716-490-6901
  • 716-490-6902
  • 716-490-6903
  • 716-490-6904
  • 716-490-6905
  • 716-490-6906
  • 716-490-6907
  • 716-490-6908
  • 716-490-6909
  • 716-490-6910
  • 716-490-6911
  • 716-490-6912

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    1. Felix says:

      Why can there not be a total stop put on this phone abuse?

    2. Odis says:

      Claimed to be sound credit union....not true.

    3. Murray says:

      getting a ton of faxes from this number

    4. Teddy says:

      Auto caller about electric rates.

    5. Lazaro says:

      I got the same message, and just now did the update...it went through a reboot phase with some update loading bar.  As far as I can see nothing changed on my phone.

    6. Chuck says:

      This number alway threatens.me

    7. Francis says:

      Got a text from this number, said:Thx 4 visiting our site! Claim you $100 gift card at www.GetGiftASAP.comGift Code 2W_2_WTH??? I pay fro each text and do not appreciate unwanted texts...who is going to pay for this crap??? very upset!!!

    8. Leland says:

      I had a call at work from this number- a guy with a heavy accent saying his name is Michael Anderson. said he was calling from American Law Agency and said I was being sued. I could settle today for $425 or I would have to fly to court in California and my court cost would be $8000+. When I asked him who was sueing me and what for he said I was making fun of the law and he was going to call the police and have me put behind bars. He also asked me to speak to my manager and I refused.

    9. Tom says:

      I am so glad I read this posting.. I received a phone call from this number also.. I didnt know who is was.. I am so glad that I read your posting, I feel better.. I didnt know who in the hell was calling me.. this stuff scares me.. You cant trust anyone in this day and age.. Thank you and have a Blessed Day..

    10. Tyrell says:

      constantly calling and leaves no message

    11. Joe says:

      person has been pranck calling me for days giving me phoney names and is abusive

    12. Lupe says:

      Hung up does not say hello.

    13. Leo says:

      yea this suckers have been calling and not leaving any message so this time I picked the phone and a person with very heavy  Hindu accent impossible to understand got mad because because I was making him repeat every word a the end I recite a simple phrase from The big ban theory " little lita Lalita Guptha " and finally hanged up on me...!!! ........success!!!

    14. Gilbert says:

      calls and hangs up numerous times

    15. Chuck says:

      No words they r just holding the phone