715-889 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Sol says:

      I'll echo what a previous post said and guess that this was an on-line drug pusher. I ordered some meds off a website once and am now receiving regular calls from them or others (I can't know, since they routinely change their name) despite the fact that I clearly tell them I don't want to place any orders and want them to stop calling me.

    2. Al says:

      This was a recording about advertising on Google. I have an android phone and that is Google software. I feel like 99% of my spam calls are for Google ads. It makes me think that Google is giving my number out to advertisers. My phone is on the do not call list but yet I keep getting calls about the same stuff but from different people. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    3. Lonny says:

      Keeps calling, can't answer

    4. Benton says:

      Cheap and tired. Don't waste your time.

    5. Morton says:

      I believe you can ask your phone company to keep long distance and such charges separate from you local phone bill. So that may stop it from getting tacked on.

    6. Abram says:

      Wednesday 1 am txt msg request for skyype msgr using sulaxinha

    7. Hung says:

      Got several calls asking for $20.

    8. Darrick says:

      Called at 2 pm. Didn't leave a message. Called back. "All circuits are busy now" Called again. WCA subscriber services. Some kind of fake money give away to get your info.

    9. Marco says:

      I received a call from this number - they left no voicemail.

    10. Gino says:

      I got a call from this number and when u answer there is nothing that is said. When u call it back it just rings and rings and then u will get a busy signal at the end of ur call. Weird and annoying.

    11. Myron says:

      RPM Collections-Directv is their client.

    12. Philip says:

      i recieved a call from this number and he started using threats like he was going to send me to jail and they were gonna come to my job and its scary cuz he has all my personal information..so i reported him online and im going to call and file a report with the police department tomorrow just in case

    13. Agustin says:

      i too recived the call from this number 912030475300 this call will automatically gets disconnected after 4 secs

    14. Taylor says:

      recorded message from "Cardholder Services" with an urgent message regarding my account. Stay on line and press 1, a man came on and said "so you are interested in lowering your interest rate?" i said no, i was wondering why you are calling me since i dont have any account with you. he hung up...

    15. Nicholas says:

      Hung up before I answered.