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    1. Rueben says:

      This lady left a number on my sister's cell phone saying that I need to contact them asap. So my sister gave me the number and i called it.  This guy name Irwin Mclean answered and told me that he was from the federal bad check department and that i need to pay $100 dollars that day.  Well i told him that i didnt have a hundred dollars to give anyone. So he asked me when i can make a payment, and I told him on Jan. 19, i can make a payment for $150 dollars.  I thought that payment was for a past due amount from Mclean County Court .  He never told me the truth until i received a letter from Mclean County Courthouse stating that i still owe the amount that Irwin told me, and I told her that I made half of the payment and she told me that she didnt receive no payment and she also told me that she never heard of the company, and that they were no way connected to them.  So I called Irwin Mclean back and that's when he told me that is was for a account i had back in 2009 and that they deposited 200 dollars into my checking account and I had it closed when they went to get the payment.  Well that is a ball face lie. I have my old statements and I did not have any money deposited in my account on the day he claimed, and he also did have my correct account number and I called the bank to verify what my acct# was and it wasnt the one he claimed they deposited the money in.  So he's waiting for me to call him back tommorow, and I am going to tell him to go too hell and send my information to the state's attorney. I'll take my chances in court, because i have the proof for everything that i need.

    2. Nickolas says:

      Repeaded calls for collection. They are breaking many collection laws and I have reported them to the FL attorney generals office.

    3. Johnie says:

      This call cmoes almost everyday.  No one is on the line.

    4. Dalton says:

      Keep calling and never leave message

    5. Lino says:

      we have been change hotel name from travelodge to Americas Best Value Inn. please change in your listing. no more travelodge. Thanks. Amrat gandhi

    6. Orlando says:

      "Last Chance " extended warranty swindle which will not stop.

    7. Owen says:

      Tried to call back. No answer or dead air

    8. Stefan says:

      Called our small local business in Alabama a couple hours before we opened this morning. Google turns up this number belonging to a satellite TV company in New Jersey. They left no message, so what they'd want with us is a mystery.

    9. Quincy says:

      This number called a 7th grade student in my class and got him in trouble. I tried to call it back and it would ring, then kick to a busy signal. Imagine that!

    10. Ulysses says:

      I received a text saying "hey *****, its been a while but u have to check this out. I already made $650 last week from home. read this: www.workhome111.com"Junk/spam text

    11. Armand says:

      Keep calling on disrespect

    12. Dewayne says:

      Will not stop calling. I have asked them to remove my number but since then, the annoying calls have doubled.

    13. Raphael says:

      They said nothing, just held the phone.

    14. Domingo says:

      I didn't get a phone call.  I got a text message, something about being shy and telling me to go to distraction 232.friendsauna.org to see the person's profile.

    15. Dillon says:

      have no clue but they arent calli.g for me