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    1. Rhett says:

      Received a text message from this number saying that my mastercard debit card has been locked call 209 588-9392 to unlock it.  My debit card is not a mastercard.  My husband received same text half hour later.  He does not have a debit card.

    2. Russel says:

      Left recording on voicemail but no name of company for an appt I never made.

    3. Nigel says:

      Could not understand language

    4. Stephan says:

      claimed to be my brother wanted some money

    5. Oren says:

      This number is beginning to be a pain in the a**.  Calls twice every two weeks.  Anyone with any info please share.

    6. Bo says:

      ring everyday once at different time

    7. Dino says:

      Someone called who was really rude and mentioned that he had a web conference with someone who actually works in another office in another location. Asked me about our phone system in the end, but took a long time to get to that point and was extemely rude, mean and sarcastic.

    8. Micah says:

      Something about online colleges, I don't know

    9. Marlon says:

      Called me five times in one day and left the same automated voicemail every time.

    10. Ahmed says:

      Did not answer did not know number

    11. Beau says:

      Flexi Compras store inside HEB (Waco, TX).

    12. Clifton says:

      think indian accent, cant understand. I did the normal, hung up, A big joke they are

    13. Boris says:

      They tried to scam me by trying to get me to send them a money order to ship me two capuchin monkeys they refused to talk to me on the phone and when they finally did it was a foreign person repeating for me to fill out a form at wal mart for the air plane ticket when they really wanted me to send them money in a money gram when a lawyer i know looked up the number he found out about all the scams that these same people have done and we also found out that even though they said they reside in the united states they actually do not

    14. Lavern says:

      They call daily and today at 6:00am. I have asked them to stop calling and they refuse to listen. I called the number back and it states it does not exist. WHAT CAN I DO?????????????

    15. Rob says:

      asked me about my name and social security number , going to report them to the better business burea