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    1. Rhett says:

      Received a text message from this number saying that my mastercard debit card has been locked call 209 588-9392 to unlock it.  My debit card is not a mastercard.  My husband received same text half hour later.  He does not have a debit card.

    2. Russel says:

      Left recording on voicemail but no name of company for an appt I never made.

    3. Nigel says:

      Could not understand language

    4. Stephan says:

      claimed to be my brother wanted some money

    5. Oren says:

      This number is beginning to be a pain in the a**.  Calls twice every two weeks.  Anyone with any info please share.

    6. Bo says:

      ring everyday once at different time

    7. Dino says:

      Someone called who was really rude and mentioned that he had a web conference with someone who actually works in another office in another location. Asked me about our phone system in the end, but took a long time to get to that point and was extemely rude, mean and sarcastic.

    8. Edgardo says:

      Carrillo Roofing & Home Repair3286 Edward Dr, Kempner, TX 76539(254) 226-0987http://carrilloroofing.com/Roofing, Roofing Contractor, Gutters Roofing, Roof Repairs, Roofer

    9. Collin says:

      Left a msg saying calling about my resume I posted online but didn't say company calling from or position I appled for and from a Dade County number. I live in Palm Beach County, would't be looking for work in Dade County.

    10. Tanner says:

      I was just called by this number but there was an 11 before the 208. I figured it could be one of those international spam calls where it charges you thousands of dollars for answering, so I figured I shouldn't answer.

    11. Charlie says:

      Received a call from this number, was very rude and then when I answered why I was not interested he proceeded to be rude. I believe this number is a scam!

    12. Garrett says:

      No one answered and according to the internet no such prefix exists.??????

    13. Cleveland says:

      people please go to the donotcalllist.gov and report these calls to the FTC   they c an't take any action unless the calls are reported to them directly   I spoke to the FTC and this is what they told me.  They can't take the info from these web sites

    14. Micah says:

      Something about online colleges, I don't know

    15. Phillip says:

      Just got a call from 209-898-7655. They didn't leave a message.