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    1. Stacy says:

      Got a call from this number a couple times today the last time I did not say anything till something was said. When they started to speak I asked who are you and who are you representing. They hung up I should have had fun with them. When I tried calling the number it said it was no longer in service to check the number and try again.

    2. Jackson says:

      They will text you and say they are sleeping with your boyfriend or your teenagers sleep around, stuff like that. They know basic personal information so it is likely they cruise social media. Number is a VoIP in Gulport, MS. Once they knew I knew that they stopped.

    3. Brendan says:

      Have StraightTalk prepaid service. Received 2 calls from 800-000-0000  in 20 minutes. My CHILD answered the 2nd call because it is HER phone, then handed it to me. It said $400 credit on your Verizon bill as well. We too have NEVER had any Verizon cell nor Verizon home service.  This seems reminiscent of the scams that occurred last fall via text to cell# and calls to home #s from *digital* *real people* saying you've won $1,000 Target & Walmart gift cards by log going onto website with redemption code.  My low income disabled sister almost got scammed by the home phone call Walmart one when they said she had entered an online contest & won, then wanted you to loggon to computer until I grabbed the phone & started asking the questions like 'I'd like a. Supervisor, this is a con,....oh no it's not we are legitimate....you are a computer...no I am   SallyMay I am real... continues over & over... The next time I said we don't even have a computer to enter a contest with (which was true) but that hard core *live* SallyMay just kept on....It is all probably the SAME Nigerian Scammers at work in some cartel. I feel bad for the people who get scammed paying the *small processing* OR*small shipping fee*

    4. Neil says:

      This is a scam. I looked up this number on different web sites and there were hundreds of complaints all related to selling various breeds of dogs. Anyone have the attorney generals phone number for Stockton,CA?

    5. Theodore says:

      Spam received feb 24 - iPad 3 scam

    6. Dino says:

      I called several times, hoping to convince them not to waste their time and trouble on me, I'm not their mark, but couldn't get a live person. They want your GECU card number, expiration date, and pin, to update or re-activate your account, depending on which recording you get. (I don't even have a GECU account) I gave their computer a made up one, with last month as expiration, but the texts keep coming. They wouldn't take just any made up number, but kept kicking me back to "please enter... ." I had to give something that looked real to their computer. I think they are also watching these sites, because I saw a post on one site, when I got the first text, trying to make them sound innocent.

    7. Norman says:

      I don't know this person. They're sending me text trying to get me to meet them.

    8. Lamar says:

      I was charged on my bank account a fee to them and I don't know who they are.

    9. Oswaldo says:

      Calls from this number also no messages

    10. Arnoldo says:

      They refer themselves as "S-Mobile" an Optus reseller. They want my address and asked me personal information.

    11. Keith says:

      this person is calling my phone hanging up and won't leave a voice mail message. I you try to call the number back all you get is a busy signal. very annoying please make them stop

    12. Bertram says:

      Get a referee's whistle and the next time they call blow it in their ear.  They will not call again.

    13. Lindsay says:

      Annoying they call everyday multiple times.

    14. Cleo says:

      just got a call from this number saying my bank card has been suspended enter your 16-digit card number .... i don't think so!

    15. Erik says:

      This number has been calling me and trying to send a fax.