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    1. Numbers says:

      harrasses women off backpage.

    2. Isaias says:

      This is pinnacle financial group, they call from numbers all over the country, they are rude, refuse to provide statements and accuse of all sorts of things. Also tried to get me to admit to the debt since the call was being recorded.

    3. Harris says:

      Pre-recorded call from Merchant Services or somewhere. Sounded like they were trying to sell something.

    4. Sterling says:

      Constant anonymous calls from this number, and half the time, even when I pick up to find out who it is, there is no answer. I get four, five, six calls a day from these jerks.

    5. Johnny says:

      there is no voice mail, just a missed call

    6. Millard says:

      11/18/2011 Got a text message that said "U able to text?" Looks phishy.

    7. Blair says:

      call and called back and says its not a real number

    8. Isaias says:


    9. Elmo says:

      psc- stands for Puget sound collection.

    10. Carroll says:

      Salespeople salling life insurance. But why they call to the cell phone?

    11. Santiago says:

      Unknown. Picked up phone no conversation

    12. Rudolph says:

      Spam. supposedly Rabbit TV

    13. Gerry says:

      April 24, 2012 - Received a similar call from Ashford Social Media in the 516 area code.  Robert was just a little too flattering for a business that wasn't even selling any products yet.  "You've been carefully chosen, blah blah blah". As he's talking to me and telling me how great being interview on his radio station was going to be for me, I started doing some hunting on line and came across this post.  Funny, it came a day after I received the "Greatest Kept Secrets" letter that is another giant SCAM.  I know times are tough, but how do these people sleep at night knowing they're ripping people off?

    14. Jacob says:

      He is a cop and a drunk and a total waste of time...dont even start with this one

    15. Tom says:

      Received a call from this number. I hit 1 to connect and the girl on the other end know who i was and had too much information reguarding my finances. She slandered my name and hung up on me laughing. Since this is a ADD (auto dialer), it must be registered at the state level and federal level. The number has been given to the appropriate authorities to investigate . Texas