712-420 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 712-420-5301
  • 712-420-5302
  • 712-420-5303
  • 712-420-5304
  • 712-420-5305
  • 712-420-5306
  • 712-420-5307
  • 712-420-5308
  • 712-420-5309
  • 712-420-5310
  • 712-420-5311
  • 712-420-5312
  • 712-420-5313
  • 712-420-5314
  • 712-420-5315
  • 712-420-5316
  • 712-420-5317
  • 712-420-5318
  • 712-420-5319
  • 712-420-5320
  • 712-420-5321
  • 712-420-5322
  • 712-420-5323
  • 712-420-5324
  • 712-420-5325
  • 712-420-5326
  • 712-420-5327
  • 712-420-5328
  • 712-420-5329
  • 712-420-5330
  • 712-420-5331

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    1. Carlo says:

      This number keeps on calling me but didnt leave a message

    2. Elwood says:

      what happened with the charges? Mine appeared on my Verizon bill and they are making me pay them.

    3. Carmelo says:

      Could i please just have the truth about this ad

    4. Kirby says:

      Sweepsteaks I didn't sign up to

    5. Florencio says:

      Calls every day! No message.

    6. Hiram says:

      I've gotten this call before. You pick up, then you hear a phone ringing, then a Jose says hello. (in English)....I need to buy a freaken air horn.

    7. Prince says:

      received call 14 Oct 08 from this number, guy tried to act like he knew me but was asking for someone else. Caller ID said DCS INC.  Hung up

    8. Asa says:

      Rang as long distance but there was no 1 before it on my call display.  A man (older sounding) ask me if I was Julia, I said no, you have the wrong number. He said..oh...., then I hung up.

    9. Sherwood says:

      Nothing...just keep calling and not sayin a word.

    10. Marco says:

      We are also receiving calls fom this number every day. It is very annoying. we do not answer

    11. Jonah says:

      I too live in Maryland with a 301 area code.  The number 205-332-3881 started calling in mid August about twice a week.  As the weeks went on the calls became more frequent.  Today they have called three times in a four time frame.  On the forth call, I decided to answer after reading this blog and nobody was talking at the other end.

    12. Chet says:

      I got the same call, I listened and when they wanted a bank acccount, I told them I did not have one. Then they wanted a credit or debit card to send my refund to. I gave them a Walmart money card with a zero balance. I kept them occupied for a very long time and when I told them that the CC had a zero balance, the man said okay, by. There was no way that I was going to give them any money!

    13. Mitchel says:

      We are constantly receiving phone calls from this number and no one ever is on the line.

    14. Frank says:

      Got a call from this guy saying same thing about puter having virus. New the name of my laptop listed with registration and my first name. Told him it sounded like a scam and he said why would he call us if it was a scam. Asked for a call back number to use after I looked into his story he gave me 1 800 680 6036. Didnt call it and dont plan on calling it. Did virus check on puter and nothing found.

    15. Kelvin says:

      I fell for part of this scam and reported them to the police. They still answer when I call so I keep torturing them. I hope I am ruining their day. One hung up on me when I asked him if he knew what Karma was. Hit a nerve?