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  • 712-270-9332
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  • 712-270-9336
  • 712-270-9337
  • 712-270-9338
  • 712-270-9339
  • 712-270-9340
  • 712-270-9341
  • 712-270-9342
  • 712-270-9343
  • 712-270-9344
  • 712-270-9345
  • 712-270-9346
  • 712-270-9347
  • 712-270-9348
  • 712-270-9349
  • 712-270-9350
  • 712-270-9351
  • 712-270-9352
  • 712-270-9353
  • 712-270-9354
  • 712-270-9355
  • 712-270-9356
  • 712-270-9357
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  • 712-270-9359
  • 712-270-9360
  • 712-270-9361

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    1. Galen says:

      209-249-1921 calls me 2-3 times each day. This has been going on now for 8 days. I'm ready to do bodily harm to the person or computer that keeps calling me from this number!!! Haven't been able to figure out how to stop the calls, yet.  I'm on the DNC list as well. That list is a joke! It means nothing to the telemarketers because they don't get punished. The few that have been punished, have gotten fines of less than $100. They make more than that with one successful phone call. There's no incentive to make them quit calling. Put some teeth into that law and maybe they would stop calling people on the DNC list.

    2. Pete says:


    3. Wiley says:

      they keep calling, no one on the line, but i am on the do not call list! who are these people? how do i amke them stop ?

    4. Colin says:

      I have no idea who this is either .. They called me twice this morning and kept hanging up every time I answered.

    5. Chester says:

      UnitedCommunityB JCAG alert 543169. Please call2532433193

    6. Rolf says:

      I am receiving harassing phone calls from a company claiming to be a debt collection. They are saying that I owe money and that since I am not cooperating that they will send the police to my place of employment and I will be placed behind bars and they will make my life a living hell. How do I stop this harassing phone call? I didn't call any company

    7. Rufus says:

      Criticle financial group

    8. Hobert says:

      i received unknown call from +301 and can not find out whose number this

    9. Lemuel says:

      Roger Rhoades Painting can help you if you need painting contractor. We can help you with all the work that needs pressure washing or drywall repair. We are the company with the professional help.

    10. Mac says:

      Call came in around 7:30pm Monday 3/30/09.. Let the machine get it. Didn't leave a message

    11. Shaun says:

      This moving company called me to confirm the date of my move and informed me the moving plan they have set for me. Here is their informationBoise Movers 1704 N. 17 St. Boise, ID 83702 Phone (208) 297-3001 Movers, Moving Company, Affordable movers, Boise Movers, Boise Moving Company

    12. Ken says:

      Lower credit card interest rates.

    13. Chang says:

      I asked to be taken off of there call list and they have refused to do it. They called back the other day again, my wife repeated the request. They told my wife they would put us back on the list and call every day and hung up. Minutes later a different number associated with the same people called back and blasted loud music in her ear and then hung up.

    14. Rich says:

      Crazy they called me at 10:21 today!!

    15. Ricky says:

      Vaughn horrible person is a rapist. He lives in Sedgewick Station apartments ladies watch urself