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    1. Gaylord says:

      Today i received a call from 1409247018. After answering i hear some ring like ringing when we used to call someone. After 3/4 rings the line disconnected.

    2. Ezra says:

      Unsolicited. Not paying attention to do not call list.

    3. Sheldon says:

      How do I turn them Into the authorities? They are, at least in the message to me, impersonating my boss in the from address.. I almost added him to the spam filter..

    4. Roosevelt says:

      Out of Area and didn't recognize phone number so let it go to voicemail.. hung up with no message.

    5. Bryant says:

      Calls but leaves no message. Going on my blacklist!

    6. Kenny says:

      Caller did not leave a message.

    7. Burton says:

      I received sevral calls from this number and finally was able to answer it today and i was put on hold by a woman that sounded very asian then a man named "bill dunn" came on the line. He persistantly kept asking me to affirm my name. i responded each time with a question about him and what cmatter i could resolve for him. the last interaction was me asking him what his name was he said "bill dunn" and then he aske dme to affirm my name again and i asked him what company he was from and he replied "good luck" and hung up.

    8. Ahmed says:

      I received a voicemail from 315-282-2022. A foreign guy with a VERY HEAVY accent talking from a script obviously said that his name was "John Smith" from the Deptartment of Justice and that I had to call him immediately to resolve a legal issue. And that it is time sensitive and that he can help me if I call him. The next day I received a voicemail from the same man but calling from 347-607-3633 saying his name was ....no joke..."christmas" !? from the department of justice. He as basically saying that if I dont call him and resolve a legal issue that he cannot disclose over voicemail I will be in a lot of legal trouble. What is going on?? I'm freaked out because he claims he is from the department of justice, yet I know I havent done anything wrong and his name is John Smith and another time his name is christmas!!

    9. Prince says:

      Idiots have called at least 3x. I don't answer and they don't leave messages. I believe the real # is 800-489-5433  but shows in caller id is 8-004-489-5433. The 800-489-5433 is somebody that has been logged as "trying to influence you they are with social security" and probably want to try and steal your identity so beware.

    10. Manual says:

      solicited about doing a survey.

    11. Chung says:

      hurts my feelings and is rude

    12. Merle says:

      Don't no who this is. And why are they calling me.

    13. Dick says:

      Some collection agency I think or a person who is not me

    14. Terry says:

      Spam home security for free

    15. Andy says:

      Same thing on my truck for sale...said in the first part of the message they were satisfied with the condition and would proceed with the sale if I give them my "PayPal Email"... Then a little further down the message they say to send pictures to verify the condition. I told them to go get stuffed...that was as nice as I could put it - I hate these illiterate scammers - they are a scum on society.