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    1. Marcellus says:

      Person has called me playing on the phone. It's aggravating!!!!!

    2. Charles says:

      no audio video spyware malware text or calls allowed to this android

    3. Damion says:

      Yet another in the endless line of credit card scams. PLEASE - posting here does nothing. Report to DoNotCall.gov and your state attorney general. These calls are highly illegal.

    4. Myles says:

      These people keep calling my cell phone and hanging up, when I attempt to call back it goes to a voice message. Please stop calling my phone

    5. Ramiro says:

      They're still doing it!  Amazingly, they accidentally left a 10-second voicemail of a British-accented woman saying, "They won't answer.  What should I do?"  She then hung up.

    6. Andrew says:

      She is a fat nasty hood rat.

    7. Desmond says:

      Good Sam trying to get me to renew my membership

    8. Ricardo says:

      TEXT about computer repair services - User is using a Mass Texting service to send the txts.

    9. Rufus says:

      constant calls but never say anything

    10. Willard says:

      Called me Thanksgiving morning and left a message.  I looked up the number here then called them back.  I informed the person who answered that I could not be arrested for owing a debt and he argued briefly then told me he would "sue my a**" and began to get belligerent.  I argued with him and announced quietly each time a minute would tick off.  After 6 minutes, I informed him that I had not only contacted the State Attorney General's office, but that he should really be more careful because I happened to be an IT Security professional and that I have been tracking this communication as it bounced from server to server since he was using VOIP and that I would be passing along all the information I had received.  I told him that I waited until the IP didn't change for a minute to be sure that I had a pretty good idea that it was the originating IP.  He hung up on me and when I called back I found my number has been blocked.  That means he can't call me either.  Raise a glass for the good ones and I hope that this helps someone else.

    11. Rufus says:

      received the text at 241 am to join kindmeet.com spam!

    12. Everette says:

      Wanted to sent me gas cards but had to pay 15.00 for it

    13. Damon says:

      please put me on listing.if the house is $265.a month

    14. Bernie says:

      Woke us up at 4am and did not leave a message.

    15. Rosario says:

      I called the fcc and they took down the number and are going to check on it. They said if it is a spam number to call the federal trade number to report it.