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    1. Stanley says:

      i don't speak spanish and they call every day at lease 2 times per day!!!

    2. Matt says:

      phone rang but left no message

    3. Del says:

      Scammers that say they rep Google business services. They want you to update your information with them. They call my home continual at all hours of the day and eve. Watch out they are not from Google at all. I spoke with people from Google and they stated they never use phone marketers. As a second note I have even made a formal complaint with the FCC.

    4. Jewell says:

      Spam caller-card member services

    5. Gil says:

      Just received a call saying I was a finalist in a contest for $1 million. He hung up when I asked him where he was calling from.

    6. Leland says:

      Called me early saturday morrning. Gggrrr i work nights.

    7. Phillip says:

      How many times did they call?

    8. Theo says:

      This SAME number, 314-499-8168, calls us at LEAST ONCE EVERY SINGLE DAY. Although we live in St. Louis (314 and 636 area codes), the Caller ID shows "Out of Area."How can we get this to stop?

    9. Linwood says:

      This exact same thing just happened to me. Same exact message as well.

    10. Fausto says:

      reported online as harassing, and dishonest.

    11. Arden says:

      they call me alot to every day. I learn the best way to handle this is not anwer the phone if you don't know them. if it's someone you know they will leaved a message.

    12. Ariel says:

      Number is from Denver Colorado. Seems to be someone with India accent. I have told this person to stop calling me but he continues....

    13. Armand says:

      Calls and hangs up without leaving message.  Why are politicals - of all people - allowed to ignore the do not call list?  Very annoying to have to stop what you are doing to check this kind of stuff out.  Should be illegal.  My phone, I pay, they are harassing me.

    14. Chester says:

      They call everyday.  If answering machine picks-up, it gets disconnected.   When I answer the phone, it says "Thank you for calling.... all of our representatives are busy assisting other customers."

    15. Lacy says:

      Mine didn't have all the digits in the number, so it read as 1-401-551-135, but registered as Rhode Island. Don't know anyone there, so was able to avoid it. I see I'm not alone in that 20 or more people just got a similar call.