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    1. Refugio says:

      Dr. Butler abused me at U. North Texas State.  I was a graduate student and was called into his office.  He immediately put his hand on my breast and tried to kiss me on the mouth, but I looked away from him.  I was so scared and embarrassed that I pretended it hadn't happened.

    2. Johnson says:

      19 calls to my cel phone, from:   sdogan31@hotmail.com

    3. Levi says:

      Free gift card to thank me for something.

    4. Booker says:

      they keep trying to call & get my personal account information

    5. Tyrone says:

      Secret shopper jobs. Don't know if legit

    6. Nicky says:

      Just got this message. Same text and link, probably to a virus. I think this spammer got hold of a list of Montreal numbers from God knows where. I don't even give out my phone number that often and I will even less from now on.

    7. Dominick says:

      bank fraud trying to obtain bank card info

    8. Jerald says:

      this has happened once or twice a day for the last five days. They ring and when we dont answer they hang up

    9. Drew says:

      please stop calling my phone number; i have stated this several times for you to do so. I wont be so nice the next time

    10. Salvatore says:

      Caller asked for my husband by name.  I asked if I could tell him who was calling.  She said she was Cheryl Murphy.  She would not say who she was with or what the call was in reference to.  He said he did not know anyone by that name.  I ended the call.

    11. Cary says:

      I got 2 calls from this number, I did not answer and the person or persons did not leave a voicemail message

    12. Cary says:

      I applied for a loan as well and i was just about to hand over the money to bug she kept talking to fast for me so i got frustrated and backed out of the situation

    13. Von says:

      Sending random text messages.

    14. Fritz says:

      I received a call listed from V Rubenstein saying they were collecting money for kids displaced by the attacks in Israel and very insistent on getting my credit card number. I'm glad I found this site letting me know my instincts were right that this was a scam. They say they represent an agency called Chumal.

    15. Elroy says:

      I got a spam from this number directing me to text anther number that is also listed on this site.