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    1. Normand says:

      I am actually being harassed by these people. Every time they call, I tell them that I don't need their services and ask them not to call me again. They never stop calling. Yesterday I told the guy that I was going to report them. He said "See you in court." As if there was absolutely nothing that I could do about it. Just now, the same company, and I think the same person who used a different name called me. When I tried to tell him to put me on the "don't call list" , he put a recording of a dog barking on the phone. That's is just nuts!!!I am going to hunt them down and have them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The dog barking thing is just pure harrassment...

    2. Rodrick says:

      Got call from this number at 6pm-25th sept.would like to know the caller

    3. Matthew says:

      T-mobile collections trying to get their money. I canx their crappy service and they just want the money i owe them. Keep calling even after ive already made payment arangements

    4. Jarrett says:

      stop calling this phone and texting it thank you

    5. Adam says:

      Non-stop calls at least twice a day everyday even on weekends. Calls from 202-800-5529, 202-800-5604. VERY IRRITATING. Once I called back and only received an answering machine saying this was Landmark and they do marketing (more like grey-area tele-spam!) and to leave a message if you would like to ...

    6. Everette says:

      They just keep calling never leave a voice mail or ne thing but they won't quit calling

    7. Sandy says:

      Call it back and press 1. Then you enter your number after the tone and they will take you off their list within "& business days"

    8. Jonathan says:

      Why this number keep calling many time a day and keep block ID????????????????? Please stop calling

    9. Hank says:

      This stranger called me last night @ 1:22 am. I was heavily asleep. Who the crap is this number that called me?

    10. Marshall says:

      Like Gary, I got a series of text messages on my cell phone to call

    11. Elijah says:

      Calling all times off the day and night

    12. Clement says:

      recived text saying you won a ipad2 follow lenk to claim free prize goto http;//

    13. Arturo says:

      Same. Call about my mortgage. Some offer to lower it.

    14. Jerold says:

      This number is a Scammer.

    15. Dominic says:

      They keep calling my cell phone over and over. When I answer, there's a long pause, then usually nothing. They're burning up minutes on my phone and I aint happy about it. Sent them a letter today, since no one seems to be on the other end of the phone, telling them to knock it off.