704-917 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Louie says:

      They call but don't leave a message.  Losers.

    2. Monroe says:

      I believe these cell phone companies sell our numbers and information. Otherwise, how are telemarketers able to call the same day of a new number? Wonder if we can request or threaten them not to sell/share our information. And if it would do any good. Think it is worth a try.

    3. Sanford says:

      Sends me relationship status

    4. Stacy says:

      Got this phone call at 9:00am (edt) on Sunday. Went to answer and no one was there. Tried to redial and didn't recognize the number.  Looked it up on here and found it was a fraudulent number.

    5. Marion says:

      I got 5 calls from them on my work cell number. They had the last 4 digits of my Social Security. They told me that I needed to call the Senior Attorney back about a lawsuit against me. The lawsuit deals with some illegal charges with my SSN. They would not give me any information about the lawsuit. He said if I didn't cooperate, I would suffer the consequences. He said they would be calling my work too. When I refused to allow the call to be recorded or conmfirm any information, they hung up on me. Then I started calling them back. I got Attorney David Cooper who gave me a law firm name that sounded more like an International company. He refused to give me any information either. This has to be a scam. If this were a real lawsuit - something would come to me in writing.

    6. Ray says:

      Said to be a Contractor working in the area with "The Spencers" looking to work for us too. When asked for "The Spencers" address we were advised they lived in a street that is nowhere near us. When my wife pointed this out she was told to "Get your map out and look" Saying this was not professional and not to call again she was told to "F*** off".

    7. Delbert says:

      They called me three times today and I did not answer it and when it came to my voicemail picking up they would hang up and leave no message. So I called them back and gave them my first and last name and I told the Guy that they would hang up and leave no message and he said yeah they don't leave voicemails because they like to talk on the phone. Some kind of insurance place supposely.

    8. Felton says:

      Looking for someone that is not me and they've been told that!

    9. Elmo says:


    10. Bradly says:

      This is a very important msg to all homeowners ...

    11. Marion says:

      Sorry about the multiple posts.  I clicked submit, but it didn't seem like it was accepting it.

    12. Bill says:

      He keeps tryna black mail me

    13. Lacy says:

      Keep calling me but I send to vm...won't stop calling

    14. Ernie says:

      Just called them back because they were calling my cell phone about an account with MY NEIGHBOR'S NAME!!!  Supposedly handling it.  We shall see.

    15. Tyler says:

      They have been blocked I asked for them to ask calling they haven't !