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    1. Margarito says:

      Have been receiving replies to craigslist listing as well.

    2. Stacey says:

      I seem to get them on Fridays around 8 pm, like just now. Annoying

    3. Dennis says:

      Do not say anything. Appears to be an automated system then says good bye and hangs up.

    4. Jimmie says:

      Shore mortgage. Mortgage refinance company

    5. Santiago says:

      too good to be true....probably is....glad I told them I would have to think about it....they wasted no time getting off the phone with me...maybe the calls will stop now...

    6. Alfonso says:

      They wanted me by a product

    7. Reggie says:

      From CYPRES THIERRY 310-872-7232 08/22/12hang up

    8. Tobias says:

      got several calls on my cell without one message being left.

    9. Ty says:

      4 texts from this person telling me who they were and to look them up on facebook. Said they got my number from a friends phone.

    10. Johnathan says:

      A Card Holder Services calls me everyday!

    11. Arlen says:

      this number keeps calling my house and i wished they would stop. i do not know who they are.they will call before 9:00 in the morning. PLEASE STOP THESE PEOPLE

    12. Bryon says:

      They are Nationwide Credit which is a debt collector that runs a call center out of Mumbai India. They start out by trying to get you to verify 'location information' and they end up wanting your SSN. I told them there was NO WAY I would confirm even the last 4 digits. They told me it was in regards to an American Express account. I told them there was no way I would deal with them PERIOD. They said they were hired by AMEX to collect a debt but they had not bought the debt so I said I would work with any dispute with AMEX directly. They are bottom feeders that are collecting on US debt out of India. Nationwide doesnt have the balls to use US workers to collect US debt. Before I hung I told them they stole US jobs and now trying to collect debt from US workers misplaced by them? I said to go find the guy in Bangalore India that took my job and collect from him.

    13. Lester says:

      Arnold Scott Harris is the attorney's office that does payment plans and collection for the City of Chicago parking and red light tickets.  If you are on a payment plan for these types of tickets and you are late or have missed a payment, they will call to find out what's up.

    14. Humberto says:

      annoying telemarketing pharmacy

    15. Reggie says:

      I also received a strange phone call last saturday from Rex Dollan.He says he works for Quick my pc and and they are a technical operating system receiving on line error report. I was surprise to get that phone calls. He was difficult to understand since english is not my first language and he has an accent from India. He says since I was a Microsoft genuine users and I have a firewall leakage so my computer donload malicious file import prgram. He says I can loose all my data and he wants to help to fix the problem and block the passsage. Anyway I said I will call them back because I was too suspicious. I ask him where he was located and he gave me 99 th avenue Ottawa Ontario and can be reached at 1-206-201-2349