703-841 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Elliott says:

      i called my bank and my issue was resolved. its jsut a pain in the neck that i have to wait to get a new card.

    2. Rhett says:

      this number text me telling me they sent me a check for $3000 and to take $600 and send the rest to a Secretary for a computer job. this is a scam. i called the company they said they were with and they don't know who they are and don't have any record of this number. they did send me a check, but the company name on the check wasn't the one they told me. and it was never cashed. but they insisted i cashed it and wanted to run with the money. don't believe what they tell you, it's all a lie!

    3. Enrique says:

      don't want him texting my phone

    4. Milton says:

      i just got a text saying i won 1000 dollars on a walmart gift card got my hopes up dang:(

    5. Courtney says:

      I get a call from this number and I answer there's no response. Want to know who it is.

    6. Elvis says:

      Just spent some time talking to a guy with very thick East Indian accent who called himself Ben Parker and he said he was calling to say that our Windows operating system was sending a message saying that it was not operating properly and that our system was only operating at 50%.  So I asked him to satisfy wanting to know if this was legitimate I asked for the company name and phone number and he said the company name was International PC Support and the phone number was 315-285-4200.  I asked him which one of our computers was sending the message and he couldn't answer and transfered me to a manager who would be able to help me.  The manager (also with a very thick accent) came on and I asked him to tell me which of our computers was sending the message and then asked him if he could tell me what brand of computer it is, HP, Acer, Toshiba, MAC and he told me that it didn't matter.  I told him that I did not think it was legitimate and before I finished telling him that I wouldn't be giving him any information, he hung up on me.

    7. Domingo says:

      Called 9 times since about 11:30

    8. Les says:

      They call just about once a day to verify the mailing address and today they called and wanted to put me on hold. Don't answer.

    9. Wilburn says:

      I just got a call from this number too and I called back and "voicemail is full" ????

    10. Blair says:

      I'm having this problem too and I'm in El Paso Tx, I'm also with T-mobile. This started around 4 pm yesterday and I have gotten over 50 text.

    11. Dario says:

      Recorded message selling security system.

    12. Jerold says:

      claimed they need to verify alarm system information =  of course I gave them no info and told them I had no way to verify who they were  They said they would send a notice  Claimed my alarm permit had expired

    13. Cruz says:

      He got like 11 kids dont take care of not one....who has all those kids and then find out ohhhh Important gay

    14. Merrill says:

      Please deactivate and disconnect my mobile number from your site!

    15. Ramon says:

      830 am on a Saturday..... i answered..... they immediately hung up......