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    1. Brendon says:

      They keep calling and hanging up! It gets annoying!

    2. Rubin says:

      Recording asking for someone other than me that's called every day for a few weeks now.

    3. Cedric says:

      arrreeee unknown call from unknown number...

    4. Gino says:

      The caller ID tries to make you think it's your credit card service. But it's just another sales pitch - and possibly a scam.

    5. Donovan says:

      Stop calling me don't no who u r

    6. Salvador says:

      Is there a way to trace an unknown caller

    7. Tad says:

      Lies about getting approved for Liam but have to pay $200 to get it watch out

    8. Kim says:

      What does it say about our country that spammers can actually profit enough to keep this scam going. English is supposed to be the national language. No offense to anyone but honestly I would learn the native language if I moved to a different country, so English should make this scam just as effectual, if not more so seeing as English SHOULD reach a larger populace.

    9. Lyndon says:

      Yes, I received the same call today - I just reported them to the FTC (Federal Trade Commision).

    10. Moises says:

      another yp.com idiot trying to sell me services that I don't want. I repeatedly requested that they stop calling me get to continue to do so. looks like it's time for a lawsuit

    11. Kirk says:

      tell you you won somethingdirect buy

    12. Robby says:

      These guys call and hang up after one ring or one ring back to back

    13. Buddy says:

      Have called twice now and have stated that there is a case against me and that my tax return is now in jeopardy? I know for a fact that they can not threaten any of this stuff.

    14. Benton says:

      Mortgage. I Snyder have one

    15. Kasey says:

      I just received a call at my place of employment (a major newspaper) from a "David" with a thick accent claiming that I was also a suspect in a case under section 9, chapter 19.  I first informed the caller that the call was being recorded then I informed him that I knew that the section and chapter he quoted was for Immigration Law.  Considering I was born and raised in the USA I know this guy was full of it.