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    1. Curtis says:

      Wells fargo bank card services. I hung up.

    2. Stefan says:

      Received a text saying my debit card from Coast Line Credit Union had been deactivated and to call 207-798-2083.

    3. Fidel says:

      why dont you just pay your bill?

    4. Ted says:

      On 3 Dec 2008 I received a call from Mr. Tom Kooka of Vacant Land Worldwide, clearwater, Florida. Mr. Kooka informed me that he had a buyer for my property located in San Bernardino, California. The land had not been listed so he must have obtained information on ownership from the tax rolls. Mr. Kooka assured me that the buyer had high interest in purchasing my property and that closing on the sale was imminent but that he would need an advance payment from me so that the sales could be closed. In the course of our conversation I advised Mr. Kooka that I was also interested in selling my residence here in New Mexico, which based on his assurances that this could also be sold within 90 days. He asked for my credit card for processing the charges for all three pieces of property. Based on his assurance that the two properties in San Bernardino were sold and that there was a money back guarantee should either of the three sales not be consummated, I gave him my credit card information.

    5. Ulysses says:

      Your entry last month has Won!! Goto http://BestBuyWins.com and enter your Winning Code: 5555 to claim your Free $1000 BestBuy Gift Card.

    6. Sheldon says:

      Advertised first 1,000 people to test and keep the ipod3 for apple.

    7. Mitchel says:

      i get about 4 calls from them per day. It is some marketing ploy. I've asked them to stop, and they do, but then just call from another number within a few days and it starts all over again.

    8. Stanford says:

      I got this too claiming he was from Transworld Debt Collection. Really? If that is the case, how come I never got anything from him? I check my credit report and no collection agency by that name. This is criminal if this person/company is trying to get information over the phone to rip people off. How sad!

    9. Nathanael says:

      Call me then hang up many times

    10. Marty says:

      I just recieved a text at 7:00 a.m. stating I had won a $1,000 and I need to go to a specific web site to claim it. I am very sick and tired of reciving not only this text but all of junk mail

    11. Alonso says:

      this number is now cancelled no call nlu txt message

    12. Francisco says:

      Selling ads for computer

    13. Jared says:

      I recieved about 10 calls from this number. I answered at the first 2 calls but somebody said nothing meaningful. they just asked can you hear me and then hanged up. Never call me again!

    14. Rusty says:

      They call continuously 2-3 times a day but will not leave a message...

    15. Abraham says:

      Crazy. Leaving obscene text messages!