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    1. Jess says:

      Caller ID says American Handicapped - very aggressive telemarketing - I am filing a complaint with the Michigan AG's office and I suggest you do the same.  

    2. Alfonso says:

      Collection co. They're not following the law. If its past 7 yrs they're suppose to drop collection. Its been 10+! And they still call!

    3. Morgan says:

      Yes i got a call to .You cant unstand a word they say so i  just hung up.I get to or  three calls a week .diffrent numbers but all the sme grap .Tou either cant understand them ore you cant here them .SO JUST HANG UP

    4. Garfield says:

      Received several calls today -- no message left.  Called the number and it rings and rings.

    5. Allen says:

      Harrasing bill collectors!

    6. Tyson says:

      Getting call from this number often

    7. Jonah says:

      I just received a call to my cell phone from this number and got a Spanish recording. As soon as I said something the recording stopped. I said I will report them to as many organizations I can and to expect to be fined.

    8. Tyson says:

      Rec'd a call 02/08/2009 @ 1:51pm PST from CASON.  Let it go to answer machine.  Could hear background noise and voices like from a call center, then call disconnected.  Figured must be some sort of sales group.

    9. Enrique says:

      This number called my phone couldn't answer at time I called back to some type of recording.

    10. Elbert says:

      Uruutyiuuurrutikuijokjjlj uyy mryj jjiuuuui ii uhiuuijuijijyoiku gitg fdufh

    11. Antonio says:

      If anyone on this post receives another call, can you get details as to who they are? I'm with The Endocrine Society and we're not doing this calling campaign. I am afraid that someone is using a fake caller ID to lure people into answering the phone. Thanks very much!

    12. Domenic says:

      bruhh i like my phone number!!!!!!

    13. Gaylord says:

      Another freaking offer to lower credit card interest......I don't have any credit cards!!

    14. Hayden says:

      got a text this morning at 1:53 a.m from 1-201-912-9265. It read, "Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://ipad3winner.info and enter the code BETA will Receive it!"

    15. Isiah says:

      If its a scam why are they not asking for money. Its like they dont want to solve the matter.  They said my local authorities will be coming to my office.  No payment is necessary it will be handled in court.  Show whats the scare tactic if they dont ask for money.  It makes not sense