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    1. Andreas says:

      Got a spam text from this number on my cell. Not sure how I got on the list or if it is safe to even respond with UNSUBSCRIBE.

    2. Javier says:

      Answered but the person said hello and hung up. Then I called back they didn't what company or anything. Don't trust it! It seems like a lie.

    3. Garth says:

      yesterday it was 423-933-7006 any ideas?

    4. Tomas says:

      Just got in and I retrieved a message from this number. I could not understand what was being said because of the accent. When I did call back on a phone with the number blocked, I spoke with someone who pretended to be an answering machine after I asked a question. He informed me that I needed to call back tomorrow during normal business hours.

    5. Dominick says:

      Botsford Hospital, Farmington Hills, MI

    6. Stewart says:

      Don't speak English they keep calling

    7. Dana says:

      Call the #, it said Diet Max and gave business hours..

    8. Junior says:

      I got one too!!! It went like this Dear Walmart shopper, Congratulations you have just won a $1000 Walmart Gift Card. Click here to claim your gift. www.WmartWorld.com (STOP2end)"

    9. Van says:

      Company selling home security systems. Robo-call

    10. Rod says:

      received same thing with claim I won 1000 gift best buy

    11. Normand says:

      This number is associtated with a website rushaction.co Charges to this website were made from my credit card without my knowledge/authorization. Calls made to this number are never answered by a live person. BEWARE of any charges to your credit card/bank account from this website!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Neville says:

      Collections...already sent cease and desist and they continue to call

    13. Ruben says:

      My name is Seth and this is my number. I have a business in Boise that is referral based and is expanding. I teach financial principles that help families become properly protected, debt free, and financially independent. I am licensed in the state of Idaho as well as with FINRA. I'm constantly looking for good people to help spread the word about financial independence. If me calling you is somehow suspicious or harmful in anyway, please accept my apology. That is not my intention.

    14. Hung says:

      4 calls in one hour. Spam. Called back and if I pressed "1", they stated I would be unsubscribed. Still getting the calls. Will pursue authorities on this one.

    15. Leigh says:

      Automated credit card interest rate reduction call.