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    1. Sung says:

      wont stop calling. and making bad comment on my machine

    2. Shane says:

      Got more than 5 messages saying 'This is my new number',sender says his/her name as Herman and some time Rose.

    3. Erwin says:

      These are low-lifes warning about unverified purchases on your bank account

    4. Albert says:

      Something about burglary in my neighborhood on recording

    5. Hugh says:

      just wondering who/what this is.  Left no message

    6. Richard says:

      number keeps calling,,,,send me a text and said they would call in a min,,,,,when I ask who it was,,,they sent back same text

    7. Edmond says:

      Very simple... You should already been knowing about this by now... If you opened any account such as banks, cellphone, even a contract with dish network. They will sell your information to third parties unless you just got unlucky to be randomly selected to get a "cold call" but most likely anything that you signed up for is being sold off to third parties.. Better start reading them fine prints, and when I say "FINE", bring yourself a microscope and read the terms and condition.

    8. Trevor says:

      Hello, all we have received several calls with large orders where thye will gove us the credit card information but we did our homework first! Today we got a fax from: Elyse Michiewicz her e-mail is michlewiczelyse@yahoo.com she asked for: this is the e-mail we received:

    9. Darrick says:

      they have called five time in a week they will not leave message

    10. Micheal says:

      Hello This is Peggy? LOL. The National Do Not Call Registry: www.donotcall.gov/ Does not work if they call from overseas, these spamers have accents like they are from Asia, at least mine did. I get 4 calls a day from them. AAHHHHH !!!

    11. Dudley says:

      He said he was from microsoft.

    12. Olen says:

      I didn't recognize the number so I picked up the phone but didn't say anything. It was total silence, obviously this automated call was waiting to be voice activated.  It eventually hung up without a word. I called back and it only rings indefinitely.

    13. Michale says:

      so called "pimp"

    14. Eugene says:

      I keep gettin a text from this number every 5 minutes. www.MyEarlyPay.com]$Get Up To $1500 TODAY!]$ Instant Approval] No Credit Check}$ No Employment Checks]$ Flexible Terms]Get Cash Now!]Reply STOP 2 unsub. I have tried to stop them and I am on the do not call list. I am really annoyed by this. Every text I have received in the last 24 hours has been this same thing. It went on all night.

    15. Theron says:

      Several calls from this number; a couple of garbled messages about vehicle warranty that begin in the middle of the message, so you don't know who is calling.