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    1. Irwin says:

      Call about 11:20 AM pretending to be T Mobile asked me to pay bill on the phone. Sounded exactly like T mobile automated and then the live rep spoke broken English which also sounds like T Mobile...got cell number and last 4 digits of SS..got suspicious and did not give CC. Called credit bureau to flag any charges.

    2. Harrison says:

      Seems like Yolanda.Serranoe has been busy. Received text saying Hi Sue, This is Jenny add me to skype msgr so we can chat a bit.  Its Yolanda.Serranoe.  I sent a text back asking which Jenny was it as I know a couple, no response yet but since then have checked the internet and see it is a scam.  This is my work cell phone so could have got the number anywhere.  IGNORE!

    3. Silas says:

      they are not just calling, they are writting me threatening letters as well, stating that I owe the government of Ga. a ton of mony and if I dont pay, they will distroy my credit report....and when i call the number they will not answer, or they collect messages and dont return your call, are they scam or what?

    4. Jimmie says:

      received a text from this number it gave a web address for the first 1000 customers to log into to claim an ipad 3.

    5. Johnathan says:

      Calls incessantly, even on weekends. Some sort of scamming debt collection racket. Attorney General notified. Hopefully these scammers will be put in jail.

    6. Alphonse says:

      Who r u? I got a call from this no. please address me by messaging me at +91-9883128278 or email me at sushil_bajoria1983@yahoo.com

    7. Monte says:

      A few times a week. They never leave a voicemail.

    8. Bradley says:

      This number just text my underage daughter..

    9. Percy says:

      Receive two calls from this number (8:01pm and 8:46pm) on 10/9/2012. The caller left no message on my answering machine. I called the number back this morning and the number has been disconnected...

    10. Thad says:

      called did not answer but when I tried to call back it was not working have no idea who this is.

    11. Norris says:

      I held on to talk to a person so I can be removed off the list and they hung up!

    12. Jed says:

      Called at 0934 on May 12th, no message, didn't pick up

    13. Freddy says:

      Its Fingerhut's automated service. You probly forgot to make your payment. I did!

    14. Irvin says:

      yeahhhh just got a call from them. they didnt respond and as I thought it was one of our customers, I took down the caller ID and wasted some time trying to addresss this before I found this site. I suspect I just went on a low level list just of people that actually pick up their phone.  

    15. Del says:

      Re"d text from this #.  Message saying 'hi'