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    1. Monty says:

      Trying to sucker you in to come off your money

    2. Edmond says:

      Human Rights Campaign calling for annual donations if you've purchased from their online store or made any donation within the year. No big deal.

    3. Leo says:

      It,s a scam forget about it and ignore all calls i dont even answer it anymore when i see the number.

    4. Grady says:

      Another Scientology space ship number.  I have found that any calls with the 323 area code that call me are Scientology space cadets.

    5. Frederic says:

      I received a text from this number and it is unknown 2 me

    6. Reyes says:

      spanish speaking girl calls then hangs up

    7. Danial says:

      shoemacker group medical collection

    8. Gregorio says:

      this number keeps calling and texting me. Calls are hangups and texts are sometimes in spanish and sometimes English. Annoying. Refuses to stop

    9. Gerald says:

      Call but did not answer. Called back no answer. Goggled the number and hit this site.  Internet rocks!!!

    10. Marcos says:

      Got a call from this number this morning 209-220-1908.  Heavy accent and told me his name was Frank Williams??? RIGHT.  Insisted that my computer was infected and that he could guide me through the steps to fix it.  Luckily I heard of such scams so I had fun wasting his time....  Asked him many questions.  He said he worked for World IT Hub from SaltLake City with a call back number 1-866-999-1487.  Told me his supervisor was Steve but could not come to the phone.  He fumbled on many of the questions....sounded too SCAMMISH

    11. Sebastian says:

      getting calls from 301-223-0025. Anyone knows who they are?

    12. Mose says:

      I'm done I'm tired of sufferin

    13. Javier says:

      This spanish speaking JERK calls my phone and says my brother got in a bad car wreck and gave him my # to call..well my bro doesnt live here but what if he did ?? they need to catch this guy and get him off peoples phones !!!

    14. Lenard says:

      as of july 2012 it is ronnie daniel harper wv 25801

    15. Andy says:

      Some guy named MARK claiming to be a independant rep for a modeling/entertainment position, then asking me to meet him at a Dairy Queen in Glen Carbon IL for audition/interview, then asks that I only come alone and that I do audition for free, THIS GUY IS A COMPLETE SCAM AND A JOKE, ALSO LISTED ON SEX OFFENDER LIST IN IL!! BEWARE WOMEN!!!