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    1. Basil says:

      Identical scenario here except that our caller ID showed 1793433757; it didn't show the Britain prefix 01144 for us.

    2. Tom says:

      Debt from 12yrs ago this new debt collector is trying to collect with threats and this company bought it from another debit collector for pennies on the dollar... Watch-out

    3. Basil says:

      No one is EVER on the line. After about ~10 seconds a computer says "goodbye". What is the point? Idiots.

    4. Stewart says:

      After several calls decided to "listen" to the speech. IMHO it's your typical pyramid scheme that nets a fortune for the sleazebags that run it and nothing for the idiots that give their money towards it.For the entire 15 minutes robo call it was about how you make a fortune from people sending in money and your money-line grows. How you can make thousands or even millions. Two interesting things missing, who is the company and what product do they have that people would send them 2 cents, no less thousands of dollars.Only an idiot, would take up an offer like this.

    5. Garland says:

      Keeping calling no answer boring

    6. Franklin says:

      keep caling me saying the Us government has free money to give me 7000 and gave me fraud mtcn number to collect from western union..BIG SCAM

    7. Prince says:

      I miss this women I want to marry her she want take me back or answer my calls I really mess up I wish one day she will forgive me I haven't see her in almost 1year n1/2 she block all my number but I hope one day she will forgive me cause im so in love with her all her family know I always be waiting on u im here call ur family i left my information for u n always will loving u always

    8. Oswaldo says:

      i was getting prank calls from this number telling me dirty thgings

    9. Alonzo says:

      A variety of number calling to tell you that you won a cruise or it's Tom with home security. Either way it's bs spam

    10. Jorge says:

      Keep getting texts from 217 area code with "hows it goin cutie.. I like your FB pics" crap.

    11. Rey says:

      Same here I pic up said hello it Hung up Im not gone call it back just gone block it lol

    12. Franklin says:

      Is there a way to keep my number private?

    13. Marcos says:

      I get them too,but they never leave a message and just hang up.  Thought I was listed on the do not call registry.  I assume if it was important they would leave a message.

    14. Trey says:

      These people try to scam you out of thousands of dollars by claiming they are related to you

    15. Todd says:

      Don't no who this is. And why are they calling me.