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    1. Harland says:

      Did not answer call.........they did not leave a message.

    2. Basil says:

      Identical scenario here except that our caller ID showed 1793433757; it didn't show the Britain prefix 01144 for us.

    3. Tom says:

      Debt from 12yrs ago this new debt collector is trying to collect with threats and this company bought it from another debit collector for pennies on the dollar... Watch-out

    4. Basil says:

      No one is EVER on the line. After about ~10 seconds a computer says "goodbye". What is the point? Idiots.

    5. Stewart says:

      After several calls decided to "listen" to the speech. IMHO it's your typical pyramid scheme that nets a fortune for the sleazebags that run it and nothing for the idiots that give their money towards it.For the entire 15 minutes robo call it was about how you make a fortune from people sending in money and your money-line grows. How you can make thousands or even millions. Two interesting things missing, who is the company and what product do they have that people would send them 2 cents, no less thousands of dollars.Only an idiot, would take up an offer like this.

    6. Garland says:

      Keeping calling no answer boring

    7. Leigh says:

      Stoppppp calling..these people trying to get my personal info..

    8. Franklin says:

      keep caling me saying the Us government has free money to give me 7000 and gave me fraud mtcn number to collect from western union..BIG SCAM

    9. Colton says:

      These people are calling and claiming to have government grant money. This is a scam where they are trying to get your account information. One claims to go by the name of Michael Thompson but had a heavy indian accent.

    10. Quincy says:

      Me again. I called the number back and got a recording for "Unique consulting group"http://myuniquecg.com/Now it would be nice if they'd stop calling.

    11. Prince says:

      I miss this women I want to marry her she want take me back or answer my calls I really mess up I wish one day she will forgive me I haven't see her in almost 1year n1/2 she block all my number but I hope one day she will forgive me cause im so in love with her all her family know I always be waiting on u im here call ur family i left my information for u n always will loving u always

    12. Oswaldo says:

      i was getting prank calls from this number telling me dirty thgings

    13. Nigel says:

      got a call from this number today no msg left who are they what do they want

    14. Duncan says:

      These guys have been calling me repeatedly.NOT WITH with GOOGLE, but they use google NAME to run their scam. They tell you you have a free listing and if they can get your hand in their pocket to take some money from you they will get you your "free" listing. They use different numbers to call from. Some of which if you call back it is disconnected. Whatever they have to offer, you can do for free yourself. Do not fall for that FREE GOOGLE LISTING BSTHESE GUYS ARE CROOKSTRY TO ASK THEM ANY QUESTION AND THEY DIVERT IT AND MOVE ON WITH THEIR OWN AGENDA. BE RUDE TO THEM BECAUSE WHATEVER IDIOTS THEY ARE TO BE WORKING FOR THIS COMPANY THEY CAN'T BE ANY GOOD.

    15. Alonzo says:

      A variety of number calling to tell you that you won a cruise or it's Tom with home security. Either way it's bs spam