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    1. Pedro says:

      209-249-1921 calls me 2-3 times each day. This has been going on now for 8 days. I'm ready to do bodily harm to the person or computer that keeps calling me from this number!!! Haven't been able to figure out how to stop the calls, yet.  I'm on the DNC list as well. That list is a joke! It means nothing to the telemarketers because they don't get punished. The few that have been punished, have gotten fines of less than $100. They make more than that with one successful phone call. There's no incentive to make them quit calling. Put some teeth into that law and maybe they would stop calling people on the DNC list.

    2. Grady says:

      These clowns woke me up at 9pm to sell something!

    3. Carl says:

      Not acceptance or voicemail from.the number

    4. Clay says:

      That does not work.  I have reported many numbers to  to the FCC and they sent me an email stating if the number can be traced then a hefty fine can be imposed.  I actually called a number back and go a poor guy that had the number it was a place of business and they were ghost calling people via his number. He was going to have it changed, but that only means they will pcik someone else.   It is sad.  The only recourse is to change your number and not give it out to anyone that is not a freind or family member.  Sad state of affairs.

    5. Barrett says:

      Kedp sending bad tex massages

    6. Dorsey says:

      Same as the rest of yall Just got a call, i didnt answer and no voicemail...

    7. Charles says:

      Its a mortgage lender. It happens whenever you fill out a form looking for any type of loan. 50 billion people call most are scamers but this one I didnt even listen too. I just know even after telling them no they continued to call for days after...they are still calling

    8. Lanny says:

      get calls every fuking day from this number. never leaves a message.Is ANNOYING! I ALWAYS IGNORE the number because I got one of those PAY AS YOU GO cell phones from AT&T.

    9. Quentin says:

      Lowering credit card intrest

    10. Hollis says:

      I received a phone call from this number asking me to subscribe to a series of magazines, And they are giving me four free, and a free watch. They needed me to pay a low fee. Look out for these people. A man and a woman. Became very hostile when i told them i was not interested. They then hung up. Very UN-professional and obviously a potential threat to our credit.

    11. Vince says:

      this number calls all the time asking for a wrong name.  Today when I told then not to call again, a young man called me crazy.  I think this kind of calling should be stopped.

    12. Malcolm says:

      If you get a call from this person. PLEASE call the San Antonio Police Department Non-Emergency Number and report this to the police at once. This person is a mentally ill person and she is not on her medication..

    13. Eusebio says:

      Didn't answer, didn't recognize number

    14. Dewey says:

      just received the same type of call. claimed his name was dave smith and je was from microsoft..

    15. Brendan says:

      telemarketer. two calls, no messages