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    1. Roderick says:

      Received two time the 24th around 4h00 and 5h00 - no message -  My area is in montrĂ©al

    2. Lynn says:

      This is a rcorded message.

    3. Donald says:

      Useful site, this is. Got to know who is calling me during midnight.

    4. Cedrick says:

      This company has called me twice in the last 2 days the 1st time I answered a computer told me to wait for the next available person and was disconnected. The next day they called again but left it to my answering maching. I could here noise in the background like a call center with mutiple people talking. Still no one identified themselves. I hate it if someone has to call more than once please state your business or stop harassing me.

    5. Rogelio says:

      Block them if they are your cell number--I think you can on land lines too.

    6. Margarito says:

      This person is texting me threatening messages. No idea who they are.

    7. Stanton says:

      I have been getting calls from this number for a long time and the person just does not leave any messages.

    8. Dennis says:

      Newspaper sales...assholes

    9. Prince says:

      Credit card interest crap

    10. Chas says:

      apple is looking for people to test and keep the new ipad3 etc.

    11. Stanton says:

      Health insurance, unsolicited request

    12. Aldo says:

      Dey called more than once saying legal actions will be brought against me if I dnt pay a loan,but I never once applied for one

    13. Fabian says:

      It sounds like a girl and I don't even know the number and she keeps calling me

    14. Colton says:

      called.  didnt leave a message.

    15. Randy says:

      this jerk calls my phone and says he's my "neighbor" claiming i've been taking his newspaper and he was coming over my house to beat me up! :) I dont read the paper and i knew this could not be one of my neighbors... he was screaming and yelling having some sort of meltdown because he couldnt find his newspaper at 8pm on a sunday night :)... nevertheless i told him to come over and it would be the biggest mistake of his life. of course at the time i was pulling my 10 month old son on my bike and was a bit shocked by the strange call. I called the # back when i got home only to get a voicemail however i let him know i was home and hoped he was as stupid as he sounded and was actually going to show up at my house. then hours later he sends me a text message saying i was calling the wrong M@%$ Kr^&*%er.... whoever this punk is he needs some anger management ASAP!