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    1. Kerry says:

      i got a call from this number

    2. Carey says:

      883 spam reports and this is still "Suspected Spam" ???

    3. Margarito says:

      Do not trust this person. Criminal record - mulitiple offender; drug and alcohol abuser. Beware.

    4. Ernest says:

      Received many prank/hangup calls from this number. Using search engines and publicly available data on social networking sites, I discovered the following: Rhoda Lee Tamarra 4416 Dandelion Ct Salida 95368. Previously married to Tony Benjamin Bowman (13571 Redstone St Lathrop, CA 95330) and Mike Malave. Employer: McCoy Truck Tire Services Center 1407 Lone Palm Avenue Modesto, CA 95351-1592 209-521-6221

    5. Hubert says:

      Calls regularly. No conversation, just silence then recorded voice says "Goodbye"

    6. Lanny says:

      This number calls my house up to 10 times a day

    7. Darron says:

      Voicemail Transcript:The I. R. S text ad in the unfair burden, it is placing on millions of Americans. You may press 3, to opt out or continue listening for free information. ON how to lend your I. R. S troubles permanently, your in these tough times. Many Americans the following behind on their taxes. Your one of the millions of people struggling with. I always text at Yeah, I have no means to play. Your warranty. There is a program that may help you settle your desk for a fraction of what you well, tax attorneys in text. Really Specialist will work with the I. R. S on your behalf, yo put a stop on levies and liens. Your in wage garnish meant property seizures reduce your tax debt. Yeah. Even removed and a lease and interest. Your text troubles won't go away without strong action. You need the help of the tax expert. Hey Connection today press one. Now for a free confidential consultation again, press 1 now to speak with a specialist or press 3, to opt out.

    8. Roderick says:

      been calling 3-4 times a day for the last week they dont say anything when i pick up.

    9. Freddy says:

      Im tired of this people calling me and treating me to get me arrested for money they say I own... It shall be something to do beside reporting this to other people. Some kind of law shall be available to catch this people who r stealing peoples money....we need to do something about this and the bad thing is they use magic jack so there calls cannot be trace....its a law firm but they not wat they say they are.....

    10. Danny says:

      Spam text saying 1st 1000 responders will win an ipad

    11. Joseph says:

      No message left, just keeps calling and breathing.

    12. Benny says:

      Just received a voice mail on my cell phone stating the same that there's a civil suit and a restraining order. Didn't call it back. I agree if it's anything then I will get something in writing. Although if they are looking for money, I say good luck because others have tried and failed since I don't have any and don't plan to in the foreseeable future.

    13. Adam says:

      TELEMARKETER! Some sort of hone protection system. Called three times already today. The first two I answered and nobody there and before the third timeI I decided to called and got a message about current discounts. BLOCKED!

    14. Reid says:

      AND I received some stupid email today from ONLINE PROMOTIONS-2007 with the subject line LUCKY NOTICE....

    15. Bret says:

      I want to unsubscribe from this service.