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    1. Karl says:

      So basically you guys telemarket and spam mail.... Wonderful.

    2. Dorsey says:

      Registrant:Heirs Realty Group LLC505 S. Cooper Ave #1Cincinnati, Ohio 45215United StatesRegistered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)Domain Name: THENEXTLIVEBROADCAST.COMCreated on: 16-Feb-11Expires on: 16-Feb-12Last Updated on: 16-Feb-11Administrative Contact:Jenkins III, Lem lemjenkins@gmail.comHeirs Realty Group LLC505 S. Cooper Ave #1Cincinnati, Ohio 45215United States(513) 226-3694

    3. Rocco says:

      They call every week and don't leave a message.

    4. Mel says:

      Same song, 8 calls in 9 days.  Orginates from a Los Angeles area code.

    5. Gene says:

      Computer harvesting data do not answer!!

    6. Pat says:

      Someone asked me and I pressed nine to talk to someone and I asked him politely to take me off there list. He just hung up.

    7. Ezekiel says:

      45 textsAll asking for sexual favors and personal address information

    8. Hosea says:

      block this creeeeepppp!!!!!!!!

    9. Ervin says:

      Text message selling tax advice or help with back taxs

    10. Malik says:

      Get some business and leave mines alone!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Mary says:

      Got a call from an international number (011-223-390-4400)...When I checked my voicemail, it was some dude with a creepy heavy accent with what sounded like some asian in it.  Said either I or my attorney needed to contact him I think he said his name was Richard Moon.  He stated the matter was time sensitive, and I or my attorney needed to contact him immediately.  He then stated if I disregard this message, the only thing he can do is wish me good luck...and the "wish me good luck" part was is a different tone, and just as creepy....then there was the pervert phone-breathing thing, then he said good bye in some weird voice too....I've heard of scams before, taken reports on scams before, but this is completely new to me!  I don't want any more calls from whoever this person is.  I did a reverse search on the number I was supposed to call back (323-205-3207)...it came back to a land line in Los Angeles.

    12. Conrad says:

      I got this call but all the person said...was hello and I hung up on them.

    13. Danial says:

      something about money coaching..21 free days..so its telemarketers with a machine..

    14. German says:

      Got a call from this number twice in a row today but did not answer, no msg left and unsure why this person would be calling me

    15. Elliot says:

      my husband rec'd a text about 1:15 am from a women who insisted she had just seen him at 7-11 and wanted to buy drugs from him. He explained he DOES not do drugs and had been home with me for several hours. She persisted. We called the cops who didn't want to do anything and then blocked her number from our service.