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    1. Karl says:

      So basically you guys telemarket and spam mail.... Wonderful.

    2. Dorsey says:

      Registrant:Heirs Realty Group LLC505 S. Cooper Ave #1Cincinnati, Ohio 45215United StatesRegistered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)Domain Name: THENEXTLIVEBROADCAST.COMCreated on: 16-Feb-11Expires on: 16-Feb-12Last Updated on: 16-Feb-11Administrative Contact:Jenkins III, Lem lemjenkins@gmail.comHeirs Realty Group LLC505 S. Cooper Ave #1Cincinnati, Ohio 45215United States(513) 226-3694

    3. Rocco says:

      They call every week and don't leave a message.

    4. Mel says:

      Same song, 8 calls in 9 days.  Orginates from a Los Angeles area code.

    5. Gene says:

      Computer harvesting data do not answer!!

    6. Pat says:

      Someone asked me and I pressed nine to talk to someone and I asked him politely to take me off there list. He just hung up.

    7. Ezekiel says:

      45 textsAll asking for sexual favors and personal address information

    8. Elvin says:

      I've also asked my credit card companies to limit exposure of our name and telephone number.

    9. Jerome says:

      Said id win a free 2 day cruise for doing a survey.

    10. Val says:

      this morning i got 4 calls from this number within 2 hours. i'm trying to figure out a way to punish this company. it is some auto loan shark offering me a way to become one of their victims. any ideas out there? perhaps i could give them phony information,maybe a dead persons, anything to cause them a problem.

    11. Rodrigo says:

      Needfundsquick website. Offer on receiving quick loan money

    12. Hosea says:

      block this creeeeepppp!!!!!!!!

    13. Ervin says:

      Text message selling tax advice or help with back taxs

    14. Malik says:

      Get some business and leave mines alone!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Mary says:

      Got a call from an international number (011-223-390-4400)...When I checked my voicemail, it was some dude with a creepy heavy accent with what sounded like some asian in it.  Said either I or my attorney needed to contact him I think he said his name was Richard Moon.  He stated the matter was time sensitive, and I or my attorney needed to contact him immediately.  He then stated if I disregard this message, the only thing he can do is wish me good luck...and the "wish me good luck" part was is a different tone, and just as creepy....then there was the pervert phone-breathing thing, then he said good bye in some weird voice too....I've heard of scams before, taken reports on scams before, but this is completely new to me!  I don't want any more calls from whoever this person is.  I did a reverse search on the number I was supposed to call back (323-205-3207)...it came back to a land line in Los Angeles.