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  • 641-352-1271
  • 641-352-1272
  • 641-352-1273
  • 641-352-1274
  • 641-352-1275
  • 641-352-1276
  • 641-352-1277
  • 641-352-1278
  • 641-352-1279
  • 641-352-1280
  • 641-352-1281
  • 641-352-1282
  • 641-352-1283
  • 641-352-1284
  • 641-352-1285
  • 641-352-1286
  • 641-352-1287
  • 641-352-1288
  • 641-352-1289
  • 641-352-1290
  • 641-352-1291
  • 641-352-1292
  • 641-352-1293
  • 641-352-1294
  • 641-352-1295
  • 641-352-1296
  • 641-352-1297
  • 641-352-1298
  • 641-352-1299
  • 641-352-1300
  • 641-352-1301

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    1. Leif says:

      According to another reverse directory site, this number is associated with 0010000, about which people make the same scam complaints. I've only seen the latter show up on my caller I'd, . I always reject it.

    2. Gordon says:

      Spanish speaking audio system

    3. Javier says:

      This is a sallie mae number. Pay your bills! Lol..

    4. Lino says:

      Asked about making money by shopping

    5. Jerome says:

      I have been receiving calls from the number 2102011172 and I dont know what is this about. How can I stop it receiving calls from that nunber?

    6. Sid says:

      239-676-4134 is a prank number someone has this number somewere in flordia and its with magic jack the people who own the number prank others and start droma

    7. Philip says:

      Political survey promising free cruise for 2 for participating

    8. Asa says:

      This jerk is sending out disgusting pics by text, he must have issues

    9. Ferdinand says:

      I just received a phone call from this number from a foreign guy (Middle Eastern maybe Indian) saying he was from Washington DC and that I was entitled to a grant of $7,000. I verified my name and address and wanted me to provide my bank account information so that I could receive my grant. I said over and over that I was uncomfortable giving this information out. He then told me I had to go somewhere to pick this grant up but I would have to pay a fee. I told him that I didn't think it was right for me to have to pay a fee to receive a grant and he hung up. CLEARLY A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Kareem says:

      They keep calling even tho they say they took my number off their list

    11. Frank says:

      Robo calls are now illegal....go here to report the call to the government! Even if you are not on the do not call list. Lets stop these annoyances once and for all!

    12. Gus says:

      Timewaster. Will give you directions to his house, then won't answer phone. Loser!

    13. Cameron says:

      saw my on line resume, when i asked were they found my resume, i was hung up on

    14. Derick says:

      Beware of person using this number to ofer vacaiton rentals (i.e. Vancouver) in craigslist.  It is a SCAM.

    15. Antonia says:

      i got a texts message from this number saying that i have a bestbuy giftcard for 1,000 pending