636-794 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Leroy says:

      I received a call from this number. they said that i got a job in mnc and asked to deposit some amount by debit card? Who is calling from this no.?

    2. Randal says:

      Received the following text from this number: "Voter #15414 Paul Ryan is secretly an atheist. Don't vote for a godless heathen! Get the facts Spread the word!"

    3. Lonny says:

      I have repeatedly listening to these people with the DO NOT CALL registry. As the others have said, they simply hang up.

    4. Norris says:

      Easy Finance, This is a scam from New York, they ask for money to be wired to them promising a loan. After you send then they ask for more, and so on. I threatened to call IRS and the government and the stop responding, after telling me to fly to India to receive the loan because I refused to send more money.

    5. Lincoln says:

      Person with Indian accent on a bad connection claiming they were from Microsoft.  Had me do various things on the computer, running "assoc" from cmd, open Event Log and said the errors listed would eventually crash my system.

    6. Luigi says:

      That is a debt collector's number.

    7. Jeremy says:

      I just got a call from this number... didn't answer.  I have recently gotten my Sales Tax number in TX and am getting all kinds of calls today.  The numbers on the other posts are from Credit Card companies so I am thinking this is too but do not know for sure.

    8. Burton says:

      How do you stops these calls?  They call maybe once or twice a month.  I know who it is because I've looked up the number on the internet.  I don't want them to call anymore.  Once they called, not long ago, and I told them not to call me anymore and also that I've already told them this before and then I hung up!

    9. Garth says:

      Harassing texts from this sick person omg please do something bout this!!!!!!! #sadchild

    10. Elliot says:

      received only one call from them, let it go to VM and they didn't leave a msg. Called the number back and found it was WCA subscriber services--whatever that is.

    11. Gino says:

      Just did it to me...Scam!

    12. Micah says:

      Got a text message saying I was "randomly selected" to test the New iPhone 5 and wanted me to click a link to have it shipped to me. Idiots.

    13. Moses says:

      Keep calling me and I don't know them!

    14. Danial says:

      Don't know, just keeps calling, never leaves message and I don't answer numbers I don't know (that's what VM is for)

    15. Jerrod says:

      Calls every day-no messages. I picked up and they wanted to renew a subscription to a magazine that I didn't want to renew...Women's Health.