630-853 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Charles says:

      I have a server with Rackspace and in order to open an account you have get a quote and sign paperwork amongst other things.  It sounds like somebody went through a lot of effort to use your information to open an account including signing your name on your behalf.  What is puzzling to me is that they would use your actual phone number.

    2. Emmanuel says:

      307-254-9265 Hello this is Rachel how are u doing? Am new on zoosk looking for serious relationship and u? Tell me more about yourself? (1/2)Oh cool and am single never marry am from GA but am presently in west Africa Nigeria to visit my sick granny and u? What are u looking Good do u live alone? Do u have kids? Hope long distance relationship did not bother u? How old are u ? Where are u from? (1/2)Good am ready to start this relationship with u hope I will never regret this? Where do u live right now? And hope long distance Where do u live now and am ready to relocate with u if you're serious about me. Alright and I will like to know u more better and see what the future as for us sweetie. Cool I will like to continue this with u and see what the future as for us! Do u have yahoo messenger and we can chat ther better now? I will add u to my yahoo messenger right now. Can we chat there better now am online there! What is your fulla name??

    3. Ahmed says:

      It is Fitness Fitness First

    4. Rosario says:

      SPAM! something about lowering my electric bill, how did they get this number!

    5. Brenton says:

      I ahve a &50.00 chage on my credit card. This number was part of charge.

    6. Ivory says:

      I also recieved 3 calls from this number and on the third i answered and an indian woman asked me how i was doing. After 12 years of call center experience i knew something was amiss. So i told her i was doing F***ing horrible What can i do for ya? and they immediatley hung up and didnt call back. I kinda hope they do cause i love messing with these people. Its fun and it drives my wife crazy. win win for me!

    7. Jess says:

      Auto Repair, Collision Repair, Air Conditioning Service, Transmission Service, Transmission Repair Service

    8. Jamal says:

      sexual harassment calls, several times, He is a pervert, very sick

    9. Ryan says:

      I got a call from this number don't know any one in champaign.

    10. Jack says:

      prank calling kids on craigslist ad

    11. Darren says:

      Please place on a do not call list

    12. Johnson says:

      Got a call from this number, didn't leave a message and wouldn't answer and no answering machine when I called back to find out who it was.

    13. Stanley says:

      We are being called at least 5 times a day every day . This harrasment must stop!

    14. Ernest says:

      Home security. Have had about 30+ calls from them

    15. Moses says:

      They call daily on 6th call always a robocall. I am do not call listed state and federal. So filing NYS arty general compliant. I advise everyone do same. Let's run scanners and bill collectors out of by.