630-616 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Jermaine says:

      I got your message on my phone

    2. Harvey says:

      Did not leave message but have before and it is offering reduced credit card rates

    3. Sherwood says:

      I got 1call and ignored it just want to know who this is

    4. Lyle says:

      get a call at random times every day. no one one other end, no background noise.

    5. Lenard says:

      It was a call about insurance. I spamed this number before. I told them I already have insurance, so please stop calling.

    6. Troy says:

      Speaking in spanish...trying to sell something

    7. Mohammed says:

      Text message said as part of At&T's loyalty program, I may register for a free ipad3 by going to appleoffers.com. There is no such web address!

    8. Valentine says:

      Received a text: "Are you available to repair some computers?" Received second text: "Get back to me with your email address so i can email you and let you know all what I've and what is needed to be done!"After That exchanged some emails, they wanted to send a check and pay for services and their delivery company.

    9. Norbert says:

      rec'd 3 or 4 calls, but do not pick up because do not know who it is. But if it is spam....then i will not answer

    10. Ervin says:

      i get call from this number alot . dont now who is?

    11. Antione says:

      Mentioning the President is of no import.  This is an actual study by the CDC that is conducting a vaccination survey and they contracted with these clowns.  I got a hangup call too.  They probably get paid according to how many calls they make, not responses.  They're jerks and not following the law according to the DNC list.

    12. Gino says:

      i got a message from this guy claiming to be a DEA agent and for me to call him regarding a prescription i bought on-line. give me a break... the DEA's is going to call me for a prescription that isn't even a scheduled substance?

    13. Edward says:

      Leaves no messages and calls repeatedly..

    14. Omer says:

      Phone number calls my house at 2 am every few days. When I answer it there is noise on the other end but no one speaks.

    15. Roy says:

      Did not subscribe, do not want calls and will not let me to end "subscription" when I am prompted!