626-573 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 626-573-7410
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  • 626-573-7412
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  • 626-573-7414
  • 626-573-7415
  • 626-573-7416
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  • 626-573-7419
  • 626-573-7420
  • 626-573-7421
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  • 626-573-7426
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    1. Chuck says:

      i kept getting blanks calls

    2. Emery says:

      Just received a call from this number had the same happen as above.  as everyone else

    3. Donny says:

      june called asking for alex.  i asked her what company was calling and she said she was not at liberty to say.  I called the # back and got a very rude person on the other line.

    4. Nathanial says:

      i got calls from this number.

    5. Sal says:

      They called saying that they can help me with my past due credit card problems and discount, also that they had talked to me... I dont even have credit card.

    6. Jason says:

      Answered and nothing on the other side for over 30 secs so I hung up

    7. Wilbur says:

      Asking me for information about someone with the same last name as me but who is not related to me.  When I asked what it was in reference to, the caller told me "personal business".  I told him I was not sure how he got my number, and asked him not to call again.

    8. Raymundo says:

      They call multiple times a day for 2 weeks straight. Say nothing when you answer and it is always busy when you call back.

    9. Darius says:

      computer message about changing better credit card rate

    10. Josef says:

      Friday night at 9 pn no msg left

    11. Ismael says:

      I get a call every three days, so regularly, I an practically mark my calendar ahead of time. Everyt three days, even if that third day falls on a Sunday, I get a call from "Smith G Hampton Trey Atty" (as shown on Caller ID). What legitimate attorney calls someone "after hours"? What legitimate attorney calls about a debt that is so far beyond the statute of limitations, it's not collectible? What legitimate attorney uses robo-dialers and automated messages in an attempt to intimidate me into contacting them so they can collect said debt?

    12. Chas says:

      He's A Scammer Stop Him Now

    13. Alfredo says:

      Home maintenance Lagit company warranty for appliance

    14. Julian says:

      I used to work there. They do use personnel cell phones to trick people into answering there phones, this is a clear violation of the fed law and the can be fined.The person who made the call as well as the company are subject to fines. And yes I have also heard them leaving messages making it sound like it was a medical problem with child to get debtor or parent to call them. Highly illegal. This company is owned by Dan Hoag and managed by Vince Via and Jay Britton. These are some of the reasons why I ended my employment with them. They have no integrity its all about money.They collect for Barnes, Childrens, St. Lukes, Jefferson Memorial.You should let them know to drop EBO as there debt collectors. Sorry for ever working there.

    15. Walter says:

      A college trying to enroll me