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    1. Andres says:

      Said I was a winner. Press 1 to claim prize. I'm sure it's some type of scam.

    2. Brendan says:

      I've gotten 2-3 calls at least. I probably messed up by calling back and pressing #1. I filed a complaint with the FCC since I'm on the Do-Not-Call List.

    3. Tommy says:

      Ruthless scumbags using the name southwest, collecting for at&t

    4. Kendall says:

      They were looking for some person I never heard of. I've had my number for many years now.

    5. Leland says:

      get calls once or twice a day from this number.  I wont answer it if I dont recognize it

    6. Chase says:

      I keep getting a .25 charge at least every other bill if not every bill saying I sent an international text message to this number 2012222269.  I figure verizon is making a fortune off this number.

    7. George says:

      called and left me a message too...said he was "agent Mike Jordano's superior officer and he would take my "phone interview"...told him my son is an agent for DEA and had told me this is a scam...they hung up on me soooooo I called them back and told them I was reporting this......."he scramed at me.....then why did you call me back????? I told him he was a con artist and I liked to hear them squirm.......he yelled at me to SHUT UP.....and threw the phone.......lmbfao........trouble with the info I gave them........IT WAS ALL TRUE!!!!!!!  he tried using a "professional very deep voice" that would scare a normal human being into giving them info, so beware these low lifes--so sad that life is full of these bottom feeders.  But today, the laugh is on them.

    8. Harry says:

      Security system offer for free, well it is never freE, in fact it's a monthly bill...

    9. Deandre says:

      These guys hang up when I answer the phone.....Every time.

    10. Desmond says:

      All they want is money upfront for leads.

    11. Todd says:

      Today, April 22, 2009, message was left on my home land-line phone from "Awards Claim Center" for the "Change Your Life Sweepstakes Contest" saying I had won a Lincoln Navigator and other great prizes and that I or my spouse had 48 hours to call 1-800-577-7137 to claim it. Did not mention my name, just "you or your spouse." No such contest with that prize came up on Google. Found this site. Thank you!

    12. Eddie says:

      This number calls me all the time, morning, noon and night. I call it back and never get an answer

    13. Jerold says:

      keep calling and not right person. keep harassing me

    14. Gregory says:

      3+ calls a day! Ridiculous.

    15. Alan says:

      my brother in law got a call that his brother, my husband had been in a car accident and that he had my husband hostage and would kill him if he didn't get 2k and said he would flee to mexico if any retaliation.