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    1. Miquel says:

      Je reçois plusieurs appel de ce numéro avant il ne laissait pas de message cette semaine ils m'ont laissé de message obcène le dernier il me donnait rendez-vous dans un café

    2. Spencer says:

      Are these spam calls can be prevented?

    3. Darron says:

      Text Proporting to be from Clear Mountain Bank (I don't have an account there) "your card starting with 4791 has been DEACTIVATED. Please contact us at 304-907-4333.

    4. Man says:

      This telephone number (a robocall, which is illegal to my DNC phones) calls persistently, at least twice or more every day. We have been receiving these nuisance phone calls for at least three months or more.

    5. Rolando says:

      When I answered the recording was to "lower interest rates" so I pressed yes to speak to a rep and immediately I told her I was reporting them to Feds she asked if I had a Visa or MasterCard and I told her no.  I asked if that is who she represents and she said "yes".  I requested to speak to her superiors and she gave me 800-847-2911 as "card services" corporate number.  I called them, is Visa, told them the situation and that I was reporting them.  After a brief hold the rep came back on the line and said "we do not make telemarketing calls to lower interest rates" and I should report the number.  I said they gave me her number so if they don't rep them, why would they give me her number?  She said she didn't know &  I gave her the number and told her they should follow up to find out who is harassing people and claiming to be with Visa & MasterCard.  The # came up as "wireless caller" so you can't even block the number.  I am reporting now!

    6. Dylan says:

      Hi, I'm looking for Ryan Taylor, I'm a credit collector reduction agency

    7. Stewart says:

      Received call about a previously owned vehicle. When they were asked a question, they hung up.

    8. Dalton says:

      SPAm!! Talks about you winning. Some sweepstake to cancun

    9. Roberto says:

      This is a company selling clothes from India.

    10. Mitchell says:

      Hi "Stump" ... I am a reporter for Network World, a magazine for computer network professionals. I stumbled on your post while trying to find out info about "Area Code 111," which doesn't exist but showed up on a colleague's phone bill in the same manner you describe. Can you tell me more about your situation? How many messages? Duration? What carrier? Were you able to have the charges removed? ... my email: pmcnamara@nww.com ... Thanks, PAUL

    11. Franklyn says:

      Just made a mistake and want to know who the number belongs too.

    12. Jackie says:

      Same situation.  I am selling a motorcyce and this number came up with a quote of my ad title. Obviously a robot.

    13. Wilfredo says:

      Didn't leave a message. Obviously spam.

    14. Hassan says:

      Hi, you got to call Carol Songer 408-904-1756 from HOV Services which is the actual company that is charging your account... I am about to find out ... oh T-Mobile guys... is charging u!

    15. Ismael says:

      Spam text from "pam" sent late at night. Keeps texting. Block this #