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    1. Harvey says:

      A man called and left a message, did not state where calling from or name, just its very important to call them back and my number is in their office. If its so important leave a company name, and the nature of your business.

    2. Rex says:

      Credit card processing advertisment

    3. Marlin says:

      I accidentally answered the call but I thought the area code was 201 since I looked at the caller ID so quickly and then realized it was not the call I was expecting.  The man said he was from AT&T and I told him I could not talk and was expecting a very important call and he was very rude to me.  I have heard that WBS is not AT&T but I don't know that for sure.  They used to call every day several times a day a few months ago, which was so annoying.  I put in a complaint and the calls stopped but it appears they are starting again.  I hvae privacy director but since it is not a private # it comes through.

    4. Alphonso says:

      Phone rang and hung up, no message.

    5. Quintin says:

      Political survey. Called my cell. I did not answer. Called back and got a recorded mssg.

    6. Emery says:

      Hi ******, this is Krystal. I have you on the list to meet the Vice President of the office and get more info on Thursday the 26TH at 7:30 pm. Please let me know if anything changes. Thank you. The address is 1903 Central Dr. Suite 208 Bedford, TX 76021. Above is the text with my name redacted. It was sent after a cryptic phone call a couple of hours earlier. The address seems bogus. I contacted the Bedford TX police department and they have no record of any business at that address. The number is from Florida and seems to be a cell phone.

    7. Kraig says:

      Why remove it, so you can keep trying to scam people??

    8. Hans says:

      Car warranty call. I have been getting these calls for months. They will not remove me from the list so i press 1 and waste the operators time. Like they say, time is money. Just keep answering their questions but don't tell them any personal information.

    9. Monroe says:

      Vehicle services mechanical break dwn n towing want money u hav aaa warranty

    10. Walker says:

      This number Calls daily, I Answered Today, No One Was There, I Hung Up & Will Not Answer Again. They Leave No Message, Ever. This Has Been Going On For 2 Weeks.

    11. Philip says:

      Man/Boy  with Middle Eastern accent says "We now have Lemon Pledge"

    12. Donnie says:

      Canadian Pharmacy...won't stop calling.

    13. Gustavo says:

      block this number from calling and texting.

    14. Kirk says:

      Some company selling me something

    15. Clyde says:

      Got phone call from this number left no message   this is the 2nd time I got a call from this number wish they would take the hint I am not  going to answer so stop calling