619-436 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. James says:

      i dont know who this is. they call without leaving messages.

    2. Kenneth says:

      I got a call and I was just wondering who this is

    3. Wiley says:

      got bill for phone calls make to this number in the month of october 2011that i never made about 20 calls of 2 min they are charging.Call rogers and they said is nothing they can do cause the phone call were made from my phone(how can be this possible if i never made those calls?)call this number from a land line and it says is disconeccted.chequing my invoices back i had discover that the calls started on may with the same area code and the same 3 first numbers but only change the last 4(239-221-diferent #)how can this happen how can avoid for this happen againg?for now I block all overseas callhope someone can help and explain how can we get protected for this kind of fraud

    4. Buster says:

      they wanted to know if wantd to make $

    5. Hosea says:

      Calling about mortgage modification. I listened to the message and waited to talk to some one because I am on the do not call list. Asked the name of the company...PORTER GROUP...Told him I was reporting the company for calling me as I am on the do not call list. Called me a EFN DICKHEAD and said he would be calling me back in five minutes..Strangely enough he did from (954)796-7602. Looked that number up and it is in fact linked to PORTER GROUP934 N University DrCoral Springs, FL 33071 Called them and asked to speak to supervisor..They said ok...Guy gets on the phone and says Hi this is Jack how can I help you. I asked his last name and he says Meoff. Jack Meoff really I say? He gets bent out of shape for questioning his last name. Told him my issue and said he would deal with who ever called me and would fire them....I know very well he was just snowballing me..LOSERS!!!!Another number they are assoiciated with is 855-574-1212

    6. Myles says:

      won't stop calling and threatening

    7. David says:

      Being used to conduct criminal fraud (fake escrow, in the name of Ebay). See similar cases at http://scammerdatabase.wordpress.com

    8. Micah says:

      He broke my heart n played with my feelings n emotions hw cld he! Im jus so hrt!

    9. Issac says:

      block text and phone calls

    10. Haywood says:

      Congratulations you won something

    11. Jasper says:

      Call without leaving a message.

    12. Emmett says:

      Missed call, called back number out of service

    13. Andrew says:

      called me, didn't leave a message.  those jerks.

    14. Boris says:

      unwanted calls and texts from this number

    15. Rigoberto says:

      Yes, very annoying. They call in the evening and at 2:30 in the morning and then every ten mins. sometimes. they leave a recording in possibly French.