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    1. Stan says:

      I received five phone calls within 5-15 minutes of each other.  Everytime I answer, it disconnects within a couple seconds.  I tried to call the number back and the message stated the number was disconnected and I had reached a recording.

    2. Waylon says:

      Just had one of these calls a few minutes ago same thing said he has an interested and calling for the buyer and that he wants his buyer to pay him 300 and then they would pay us the rest for the vehicle. He said he would be in touch. Number origional came across restricted and then he left message to cal him back at 204-282-7846

    3. Marcel says:

      Called at 12:36 a.m. and left no message.

    4. Mack says:

      By giving you personal information on the individual they are looking for they are already breaking the law...  They cannot divulge such, it is a violation of Privacy laws...  That person can sue their butts!!!

    5. Gayle says:

      Follow up.  Googled it....

    6. Emmitt says:

      be careful! his wife doesnt take anything from anybody.

    7. Lou says:

      SPAM CALLS from Non working numbers!

    8. Riley says:

      It's a scam.  Automated message saying there is an issue with my Wells Fargo account and to press one. I don't have any Wellls Fargo accounts and hung up.  The local news did a report on this too.  Big scam.

    9. Rolf says:

      this number keeps calling me as wel.........he leaves a message for me to give him a call back at a 347 number.  I called the number that called me and he got irate and he said that you need to call the number that was left on the voicemail.  He hung up on me

    10. Malcom says:

      Sweepstakes call wanting credit card info same area code as mine

    11. Jeramy says:

      DEFINITELY got a call 'from' this number; no name on Caller ID. Called at 7:20PM Not home, didn't answer; no message on machine. We NEVER answer these calls, and haven't for years; can't figure out why they don't drop our number out of their SCAMMERS databases; they NEVER GET ANYTHING from us! Others online report that these scammers are claiming to be a (BOGUS) veteran's group begging.

    12. Erick says:

      Some guy, kept asking who I was!? When he called my phn

    13. Arnold says:

      Looks like your callers are a bunch of hidden wimps that threaten people through the phone. Report this number to the police.

    14. Dalton says:

      what can be done about these pr@#$s ????????????

    15. Jesse says:

      Lmao...  It's a Craigslist bot.  It's not real.  It's an advertisement for a dating site.  Don't believe everything you read, guys, no matter how well written.  If you're going to put personal adds on Craigslist make sure you put in specific questions they need to answer, eg: "What's your fav band?" "What was your first pets name?"  "What's your fav ice cream?"