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    1. Newton says:

      Yeah i got the same today.  who is this?

    2. Adam says:

      Man called about 12:30 pm Pacific, asked for me by first name.  I asked him to hold so I could see if "Christina " was available, while I Googled the phone number. the caller hung up before I could return the phone to my ear.  Received a call from the same number about an hour later, obviously I didn't answer it.

    3. Israel says:

      collector. threatened something about IRS.

    4. Toney says:

      Yep, just got a call from them. They claimed that my vehicle's extended warranty had expired, and that I needed to pay them $350 over the phone right this moment to keep the policy active. I hung up on them after I told them the paperwork I have shows that my warranty expires in 2014.

    5. Hong says:

      calling about schooling they dont leave a msg

    6. Harvey says:

      It is quite annoying to receive their frequent calls.

    7. Clay says:

      Got a fax at work for life insurance rates with a number to call to be removed from fax of 253-780-9698.

    8. Alexis says:

      Keep tryin to sell me things that I'm not interested in buying

    9. Norris says:

      Four calls today plus three from 623-889-7456 which is the same bunch. No messages. B*****ds.

    10. Morgan says:

      This phone number continuously is making robocalls, 14 today so far.

    11. Mikel says:

      called again, "NAME NOT FOUND", never leaves a mssg.

    12. Virgil says:

      Told me I have been selected by the government to collect $9200. When he asked if I was curious why and I said no he said vulgar things to me and said he will keep harassing me everyday.

    13. Joaquin says:

      lmao they keep calling my house trying to sell us magazines and also i have a default loan with a company that i never heard of. and whenever i let it go to the answering machine they dont leave a message. and i laughed bigtime when i hit *67 and called them back it was talking about making money lol if you would like to participate press 1 and if i would like to have my number removed press 9 or call the cops. then i got disconnected.

    14. Arlie says:

      Called my office claiming to be US bank. I have never ever had account or dealt with US bank. Tried to call back, some lady claiming to be US bank, went to voice mail but sounded like a cell phone voice mail. Left message but no return call. I think it's a scam!

    15. Delmer says:

      Call to my cell phone every day. No message. I called them from a different number to see what they are. They wouldn't tell me without me giving them my cell number.