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    1. Emilio says:

      In our mail ads, I received an add saying you can purchase designer handbags on 2/25/12 from 10-2pm at Parkway West High; the email does not work & the number is out of business. The website is called, www.BuyNoworNever.com -- Beware!

    2. Clemente says:

      Many calls from (209) 220-4128. Caller ID just says "Fresno, CA". Now blocked.

    3. Weldon says:

      I got a text with a link in it. Didn't click it obviously. But I'd like to know how they/them/it got my number. It had to be pulled from facebook or twitter but my numbers are private on there. I say they got it from there because they addressed me by my name I have on there.

    4. Hershel says:

      I got a call from this number today, and it showed up as Builders Square on mu caller ID. Go figure.

    5. Valentine says:

      Called and asked to speak with "one of the owners" by name (except, they aren't an owner). When asked what it was about they replied, "financial" and when asked who they were with, they hung up.

    6. Thurman says:

      Just received a text msg to reply back to receive my free $100 Target card.  Glad I looked up the number before doing anything.  I would not recommend texting them back to stop either; it will confirm your number is in use.

    7. Kerry says:

      Received the call from this number. I picked up and no one said anything so I just hung up.

    8. Elvin says:

      Played a recorded message

    9. Shelby says:

      Got one call yesterday. tried calling back but busy.

    10. Jarred says:

      They keep calling, without leaving a message.

    11. Garland says:

      He/She asked for nudies, lol

    12. Fred says:

      it was a missed call on my cell phone 5/24/11, 4:09pm

    13. Mickey says:

      Same story with me. In Chicago also.

    14. Sonny says:

      its Everest institute wanting me to go to there school.

    15. Alexis says:

      Get a call from this number EVERYDAY at least 3 times a day here at work... I finally answered it once and they asked "May I please speak with **an" I think he only knew my bosses name cause DUH his name is the name of the company with construction after it moron. Anyways I said he was not available would he like to leave a message and he said no he'd call back. We get weird calls from Florida California Tennessee you name it we get it.. and whats effing hilarious is that we're on the national DO NOT CALL LIST... if a new number calls that i dont know i answer it and say "ARE YOU A TELEMARKETER OR TRYING TO SELL US SOMETHING CAUSE THATS A TELEMARKETER DO NOT CALL HERE WE ARE ON THE NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST" and hang up.. but some of them GAH keep calling so annoying