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    1. Alejandro says:

      Female with an Indian accent and lots of background noise. Called to tell mme I had won a 10 day trip south. She id'd the company as "Dream Getaway". I don't have time for this kind of BS so I was rude; "Oh come on! You're telling me I've won a ten day trip?"  She says yes and then alpha-tango-spelled the company name for me - which I Googled while she was still on the line. When she asked for my last name I said "Naw, I don't have time for this s***...", and hung up.

    2. Houston says:

      autodialer wanting me to talk a 'poll'

    3. Keven says:

      The property he is trying to rent on Hotpad.com that I found is in Murrieta, CA.  Using the current listed owners name - he has been e-mailing me talking about being honest and God fearing.  He wanted the deposit to get the keys to be wired to a Nannette Young in Kansas City, KS.  I checked the address he provided is a hers.  How does she fit in to all this?  What a bummer - this was a very cute house.

    4. Mathew says:

      I got a horrible call from this person. I am a student, and they had to have gotten my info from my bank or scholorship fund i applied for. Either way... I am looking to suit for harassment, fraud, identity theft, and so on. If anyone is having the same issue, please contact me at bpotter4@my.devry.edu.

    5. Myles says:

      Spanish speaking recording.

    6. Arnoldo says:

      These people call then sell the information to office suppliers like furniture stores.  I tell them I am moving then when the office supplier calls I call the owner manager and complain.  They often don't realize this is a scam.  I make sure they know and don't support these idiots.

    7. Malik says:

      Us Agencies Insurance Company

    8. Eloy says:

      When i called the number back. a voice mail came on leaving a totally different number.....SCAM!!

    9. Wendell says:

      Reduction of Debt Telemarketer who wanted to discuss specifics of my finances. When I told them (twice) that I wasn't interested in discussion this with someone I don't know, but I was willing to let them send me an email with information about their company, they hung up on me.

    10. Garret says:

      got a call feom this number at midnight

    11. Irwin says:

      Just a quick question Blake, did you finally get your refund?  I talked to them last week, they told me to return the mdse, and I would get credit back as soon as they rec'd a tracking #.  Any info you have on this would be helpful. Thanks!

    12. Irwin says:

      Have had the same thing happen to me, someone texted me from the same number asking me to send details of the van i have for sale to karenglower@gmail.com... saying that was there moms email and she was the one buying it. So i sent a message to the email with all the information on the email, i then get responce from the so call mother who was working over sea looking to buy and ship the van to malleria WTF who ships a 1997 van to malleria???? scam beware....

    13. Doug says:

      When I pickup no answered and I tried to call back and got a busy tone.....

    14. Sid says:

      called me nobody there called it back and it's not a listed number, I HATE THIS!

    15. Adolph says:

      They called and asked for someone that I do not know. I have had my phone # for over 2 years. He said they would put down it was a wrong #. I really hope they don't call back. Sick of it.