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    1. Neil says:

      Someone selling auto insurance

    2. Timmy says:

      This number keeps calling my cell repeatedly, I am not interested in whatever they sell, yet am unable to stop their calls even after "pressing 2 to be removed from their call list" I still get the same automated message offering "debt recovery services".  They do not state who they are or who they represent at anytime during this message. Calling the number only gets you another machine.

    3. Ashley says:

      Keep getting calls several times a day from this number, and no messages are ever left.  I wish the number could be blocked.

    4. Eugene says:

      texted without consent multiple times.

    5. Julio says:

      Random, weird texts in reply to craigslist ad. never answers direct questions. Just texted to meet now at 2:30am and asked if I accept payment via.chase card.

    6. Delbert says:

      I just got the call and I actually talked to a foreigner.  He was recruiting so he said for AT&T.  I told him I was not comfortable with giving him my SSN so he said that he would send me the email where AT&T requires your SSN to do the 3 yr., contract. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, let's see if he sends that email, and then I will contact AT&T from there... his infor is:

    7. Phil says:

      Discover agency.  Soliciting Health Care plans.

    8. Miles says:

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    9. Issac says:

      If you have AT&T, forward the message via text to 7726 to report SPAM.

    10. Dalton says:

      I received a phone call from an automated line stating they were calling about a personal and confidential matter and to press any key on the key pad for further information.  After pressing a number there was a very long/loud beep on the line and then nothing.

    11. Fredric says:

      This was the ph# given to me by an Indian guy.  He claimed to be working for Microsoft & was calling to warn me that there might of been some toxic downloads on my computer.  I asked where he was located & he said he was in San Diego, but the ph# has a northern Cali area code.  I didnt bother turning on my computer since the whole think smelled suspicious to me.

    12. Andres says:

      annoying people calling for some body else

    13. Alonso says:

      This numbr keeps calling me no messageleft

    14. Jody says:

      Don't know you are but if you continue you WILL be invited to the "dark side".

    15. Dalton says:

      This is a spoofed number.  I just received a call from it and the caller - clearly working in an outbound dialing call center - claimed that they had been receiving numerous error messages from my computer.  I interrupted him, told him I knew this was a scam, and hung up.