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    1. Joel says:

      Constantly calls, doesn't leave a message

    2. Isidro says:

      Recording that I won a trip...press one...I thought I was on a no-call list.

    3. Dominique says:

      PLAYS GAMES don't waste your time

    4. Johnathon says:

      They call chronically,usually tell me they have some special on prescription drugs. Despite my insistence that they remove my name they keep calling. Next step is to call Verizon and block the number, hope that ends it!

    5. Chas says:

      I have been calls from this number 24/7.... When I answer they have either asked for someone who has never had this number or they hang up on me... Getting frustrated, but b4 I block I want to know who the heck is wasting my time!

    6. Dustin says:

      This contact sexually harassed me via text.

    7. Hosea says:

      I also keep getting calls from this phone number. I never answer my phone but this guy has a very bad Indian accent saying that they are gonna file a lawsuit against me that my SSN is on file. Also he said that I am ignoring his calls at that i need to call home back otherwise I will get sued. Something sounded fishy when I heard this message. But one thing I don't understand is that how did they get my info especially my work number. How can we sue these people. The person that called me at work said he is from the department of investigation of the state. And that if I didn't call back that they were gonna call me back. Not even a collection agency would say that.

    8. Rob says:

      Just a quick question Blake, did you finally get your refund?  I talked to them last week, they told me to return the mdse, and I would get credit back as soon as they rec'd a tracking #.  Any info you have on this would be helpful. Thanks!

    9. Robt says:

      the school had many lines keep changeing them

    10. Wilford says:

      This number has called my phone several times in one day I also recieved calls from 1-828-277-1939 which I assume is the same people. They never have left a message and hang up on me if I answer the call. I try to call it back and it is busy.

    11. Vaughn says:

      Aurora CO (303) 856-4393 T-Mobile.

    12. Drew says:

      I don't wann talk to him anymore

    13. Alphonse says:

      not a working number anymore

    14. Ambrose says:

      DirecTV automated survey in response to a technician's visit earlier in the day.

    15. Phillip says:

      don't answer!!! annoying stuff I care nothing about! how did they even get my number???!! ugh