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  • 614-766-8872
  • 614-766-8873
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  • 614-766-8876
  • 614-766-8877
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    1. Neal says:

      got a call, wasnt home, weird area code.

    2. Rod says:

      Cruise offer text message

    3. Sterling says:

      They called twice tonight - an hour apart and have called regularly at least twice a week for a month or so. I never answer so don't know who they are but it is a non-sense and interruption.

    4. Burl says:

      please do not cll or text me . thankyou

    5. Cameron says:

      I can't remember the name exactly but I think it was one of the above. They have called me everyday for the last two weeks, sometimes more than once a day, and they never leave a message. Finally I decided to answer it today, just as I did, they hung up. I called back and someone named Jeff answered with the greeting "future careers" (or "career futures", I can't remember which).

    6. Ronny says:

      this person called me and helped me out greatly. awesome for advancing your career in IT or getting your foot back into the door if you have been out of work for a while!

    7. Lavern says:

      If they keep calling, look up the FTC online. Then file a complaint.

    8. Boyd says:

      The same thing happened to me. I told them if there is an accident call the police. He (Spanish sounding voice) got angry and hung up. That number is in the north Chicago area.

    9. Mario says:

      Called almost every day for 2 weeks. Sometimes would hang up before I could answer.

    10. Irving says:

      Got a call no idea who and what they wanted.

    11. Shon says:

      Hangup call from "QVD", whatever that is, at 2:42 pm. From other posts, it sounds like some sort of poll that I am not interested in.

    12. Foster says:

      An average of 48-113 combined calls txt sms mms. Threatening slit my throat, kill me my loved ones. Sends filthy pictures/ MMS, live Mastirbating. As well as pictures of woman private parts, being penetrated w objects, then sending to families friends phones implying is me. Yet has no arms legs face showing Has called friends family continuosly leaving msg. Re anything can imagine. So unbelievable they dont even listen anymore. It continues. He left me for dead. Clinging to my life in all ways, IS A FULL BLOWN BORDELINE PERSONALITY SOCIOPATH, PATALOGICAL LIAR. PLEASE ALL WOMAN BEWARE AS I.FOUND HE IS AN INTERNET DATING LOOSER, STALKING WOMAN, ABUSING VERBALLY. THOSE R ONLY THE FACTS. I CAN BACK UP. THE POLICE, FBI HAVE A LOT MORE. HE USUALLY MAKES HIS NUMBER RESTRICTED.

    13. Rodrick says:

      College tuition giveaway scam

    14. Lloyd says:

      We have received several calls in the middle of the night from that number,  a fax machine; we get the same caller ID info.

    15. Marcos says:

      how to make extra money, NOT INTERESTED!!!