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    1. Emory says:

      A recording that said I won 2500 travel dollars

    2. Sherman says:

      A person from a prize givaway to scam you with your money

    3. Thanh says:

      We got this call at 11:49 in the night on February 22nd, but no one answered. We'd never heard of this number before.

    4. Everette says:

      Arizona republic newspaper. Wanted me to buy a subscription. I have told them four times to remove my number.

    5. Jame says:

      Yes, someone should look into it. There are people in uniforms called "police." Have you considered that the "someone" is you and that you should call the police? It's your responsibility - posting a message to a website doesn't do anything. Put down the beer, waddle over to the phone, and call 911!

    6. Mark says:

      It would be proper if scammers were prosecuted once proven guilty of fraud.

    7. Efren says:

      I pulled the below info from another website. Came up as Charity. Is a SPAM call that did not leave a message....This # is the information line to the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).Caller ID: FOPCaller: Franternal Order of PoliceCall Type: Non-profit Organization

    8. Kraig says:

      called my phone at 1:oo am and woke everybody up. left no message

    9. Al says:

      I say hello and no one answers. Keeps calling me every hour.

    10. Mickey says:

      i am tired of this number calling me!!!

    11. Nathanial says:

      I don't want no texts no call ever

    12. Damon says:

      They called this morning.  I did not pick up and they did not leave a message.  Typical of scams.  Beware of this one.

    13. Dewayne says:

      Received 2 text messages confirming training appts. I replied wrong number after the 1st text

    14. Shane says:

      After several calls yesterday, decided to do something.  Called Stonebridge and got their office in Plano.  I told them the number was coming from Weehawken, New Jersey, they had no idea what I was talking about. Got transferred to their Northern division.  There was no record of my number in their system.  Spoke with a supervisor and he said he had no idea what the number went to and that it sounded like somebody trying to get personal information.  They  (New Jersey number) called again today and I answered.  The sales person said they were teaming up with JC Penny and Stonebridge to offer accidential death insurance.  I told them about Stonebridge not knowing who they were and they said Stonebridge contacted them directly to offer this death insurance.  I asked them to quit calling me.  We will see.

    15. Ferdinand says:

      calls and don't say anything