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    1. Robby says:

      Caller tried to scam me through my automotive ad on craigs list.

    2. Russ says:

      Debt collections agency of some sort....

    3. Roy says:

      This number knew my name and asked if they could use my school info or something its a scam!!

    4. Andy says:

      Received a call from this number, didn't answer but when I called it back, the operator came on and said that the number has been disconnected.

    5. Abram says:

      Unfortunately, I am not aware of who to report these calls to. However, I do suggest not answering strange numbers and allowimg the answering machine to take the call. If the person does not leave a message, call them back well at the end of the work day frpm a "throw away " phone to listen to any voice message.  If no message, it is likely a SCAM. BUT I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU BLOCK STRANGE NUMBERS TOTALLY FROM YOUR PHONE. CALLERS FROM THIS NUMBER HAVE BEEN RUDE And  plain out Nnasty to folks that answer. They are not professional and...there again...SCAMMERS!

    6. Emmanuel says:

      Chain mail. Life is too short, yada, yada, yada. with a link to a video. Looks like a virus or phishing to me.

    7. Quinn says:

      Yes I received 1 call and 1 text. When I retreived the message left on my phone, the woman barely spoke English and the connection was very garbled. I could not understand a word of her message.

    8. Alberto says:

      phone rang, after answering I could hear it ringing as if I had made the call, then a digital voice answered and said good bye. Looked it up and it is listed as cell phone recyclers of Boulder Colorado.

    9. Jefferey says:

      did say anything i said hello several times with no response

    10. Domingo says:

      Please don't call anymore P

    11. Olen says:

      209-752-3002 keeps calling me too!  I don't answer because it's not familiar to me.  When I call the number back I hear the following . . .  "the number you have reached is not in service - this is a recording".  I've placed this number on my "Block Caller" list.  If problem persists I'll file a police report.

    12. Pierre says:

      I am so glad I read the above comment, as I recived the same information and I was about to send a $25.00 donation to the CPPA Police Protection at PMB 328, 700 Colorado Blvd, Denver, Co. 80206-4036. Over the last few months I have recived over 200 such calls from numerous mixed nrs, no message on answering machine, but going to this site, I found that they are all SCAMS!!!!!!

    13. Herschel says:

      Suspected scam - don't give out any information or allow access to your computer

    14. Gil says:

      Got call too, no message left

    15. Donn says:

      I have had several calls from this number. They leave message saying urgent and i should call back. I finally got this dude that you can not understand saying I have a lawsuit against me. I asked to talk to someone that could speak English and he hung up.