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    1. Nelson says:

      this number has called several times. Mars Hill, NC   9:30AM

    2. Leo says:

      I didn't answer the car because it had two 1's in front of the number indicating it was from overseas and also my caller ID said name not found. Why did it have two 1's?

    3. Jerry says:

      cannot be completed as dialed when I tried to call back.  This came into my cell phone - thought that was illegal if it was an ad.

    4. Kyle says:

      What site will be able to help me to do a reverse phone lookup?

    5. Michal says:

      Is this a scam to get people to buy reverse phone trace?.  Don't fall for it'

    6. Santiago says:

      Keeps calling even after I tell them to stop, Over 6 calls a day

    7. Refugio says:

      this person is  very  rude  and  i  would  not  trust what ever  he  claims  to  be bed  buddy   what is  sex has  to  do  with  this  dont  impose  your  low moral  on  others by  the  i  am  a  model and  dont  apreciate your  comment

    8. Morton says:

      Spam called 5 times a day

    9. Hugo says:

      Person called with a heavy accent - I couldn't understand him very well. He hung up and called right back, with a blocked number this time.

    10. Leslie says:

      Bill collecters are calling for a different person

    11. Clifton says:

      Answered nothing there. ID said Michigan Call

    12. Malcom says:

      this person ,will tell u that u have won rewards of some 10,000 worth of things and a holiday package  something like that for me it  was from  india today, then he will say u have to get the subscription of some Rs ,and ask u ur payment mode then , if u say by cash , then he will call later after 2 days and will add more gifts to the package telling u that only if u to pay by credit card and try to get ur credit card number .

    13. Ed says:

      This person did the same thing here.  He/she was trolling through Craigslist, contacted me about an item I had for sale.  Said would send a US bank check from his bank to me overnight via UPS.  Wanted my name and address. Said would handle the shipment through his shipping company after I had cashed his check. My ad clearly stated no checks, cashiers checks, etc.!  I responded only with this is a cash transaction ONLY.  Didn't hear anything else from them.

    14. Kelley says:

      Another robo call for Google.  So far since 1:00 this afternoon I have had four of these calls from four different numbers.

    15. Reginald says:

      This company called my Mom and told her they would help clear away her debt so that she will not leave it for her children to have to deal with.