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    1. Pedro says:

      I have been receiving call from this number daily for about two weeks. When I answer they disconnect. It is very annoying.

    2. Mathew says:

      Just got a call from this one.  Same thing - disconnected when I called back

    3. Dennis says:

      Someone tried to call me (I live in Portugal). When trying to call back it always failed. I've just decided to come and check what it was. Now I see, somebody wants to get rich by surprising europeans with the most wonderful offers, I guess...

    4. Buster says:

      It's a compnay calling to try to get me to apply to an online school. They call over and over again and if I don't answer they won't leave a message.

    5. Luis says:

      They cal at least 4 times a day. Sometimes even at midnight. Theyve left many voicemails on my tracphone even when i didnt have minutes. I had over 50 voicemails saying it was a guy name mike with important information i needed to know about but every time i had answered the guy talked so fast i couldnt understand anything. But every voicemail was exactly the same word for word.

    6. Rolando says:

      May 23, 2011 10:36 PMGot a text with a tarot card, which has a cross on it. two hands with chain around the top of cross and there's a bird on the bottom glowing. i don't know what it means but it really freaked me out. If anyone knows the meaning please let me know. I'm beyond freaked out right now.

    7. Pasquale says:

      yeah, this number called me sexually harassing me. So, I called the cops. Let PIG know.

    8. Elvin says:

      Calls and leaves voice mail with no message

    9. Hilton says:

      Called my cell phone at 2AM, said nothing but, didn't hang up.  Creepy.

    10. Jude says:

      Wouldn't you like to get more out of your car or truck without having to wreck your wallet? Improve your driving experience with superior services from our well-established auto and truck repair shop.

    11. Lester says:

      repeatedly calls, also uses # 161-22448876. It is a scam. invalid number.

    12. Josh says:

      Got a call from this number a few minutes ago. Happened before. Same results, no response on the other end.

    13. Abraham says:

      I have received 6 in about 5 hours

    14. Newton says:

      I dont even know this person I'm just glad there was mr.number

    15. Willis says:

      Its not apple... its a fishing scam